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“I started this blog as an outlet to combine my two passions – writing and fashion.”

-Lauren Vandiver

All things colorful, whimsical and beautiful is what you will find while reading Vandi Fair. Dallas, Texas based blogger, Lauren Vandiver, entered the blogging world as an outlet to combine both of her dearest passions – writing and fashion. While Lauren wanted to start a blog for over two years, she did not feel as though it was the right time until this past May. With a little encouragement from her family, friends and boyfriend, Vandi Fair was born. Lauren has reaped so many benefits from starting Vandi Fair, the only thing she wishes is that she would have started sooner!

My inherent love for fashion and writing combined with my professional experience in brand marketing laid the foundation for the creation of my blog.


“I woke up in the middle of the night with an idea for a blog name and wrote it down in my phone so I wouldn’t forget. Once I ran it past my mom and sister the following day, “Vandi Fair” was official. The name actually has deep meaning for me. When I was in fourth grade, I realized I could do the two things I loved and get paid for it. I then had an “aha” moment – of course! When I grow up I was going to be an editor for a fashion magazine. That dream followed me all through college, as I pursued a degree in Magazine Journalism and even scored a summer internship in NYC. While I’m not an editor for Vogue, I did stick to my 9-year-old dream for the most part, so the name “Vandi Fair” seemed all too fitting for my blog. Vandi Fair is a mix up of my identity (my last name) and my dreams (writing in fashion).”




“It truly touches when I receive a kind email from someone who has been inspired by a post or receive encouragement from my friends who follow it.”

-Lauren Vandiver




Lauren loves to online shop due to the fact that working every day 9-5 can be utterly exhausting (we feel ya, Lauren!). She loves ASOS and Nasty Gal because those are the places where she can find a unique, one of a kind piece. Lauren also loves getting a good bargain because fads are so fleeting and she doesn’t like spending tons of money on fads.

Vandi Fair has become such a treat for me; it’s a hobby I look forward to putting time into each day.

Vandi Fair has allowed Lauren’s creativity to soar because the possibilities and opportunities are endless! This fun, creative outlet has encouraged Lauren to express herself in the world of fashion and inspire her readers daily. Lauren’s most rewarding moment thus far of her blogging career has been her getting recognized at a Dallas restaurant by the hostess who follows her blog! Lauren has reaped so many benefits from starting Vandi Fair, the only thing she wishes is that she would have started sooner!



With Lauren’s evolving style and compelling writing techniques, the future for Vandi Fair is limitless. We cannot wait to watch Lauren and Vandi Fair grow and we invite you to join us!



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