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Nala Run

It’s understandable that we all have busy lives, but we cannot forget about our little furry angels who wait patiently for us to arrive home each day. Pups need their daily exercise and the weather, dinner plans nor work should get in the way of this. If they do get in the way, it’s always advised to either hire a dog sitter or dog walker such as PugetPets to ensure your fellow doggy companion is getting his daily walk and social interaction. Below are some fun ways to fit in your pups exercise routine into your busy schedule.

1. Take your pup to a lunch/dinner friendly restaurant. Many of restaurants today have dog friendly patios and some even have special food menus for dogs. Taking your pup to lunch or dinner is a great way for them to get a little exercise and socialize with others. Don’t forget, people LOVE doggie and food photos. Post away now! If you love to give your dog a culinary treat every now and again, perhaps you should give this homemade salmon dog food recipe a try – it’s sure to be a hit! Alternatively, just order your dog’s fresh, tasty and healthy food online! They may not be able to eat with you are the restaurant, but it’s important your dog has the right dog food to prevent any nasty conditions or diseases. That’s why this rabbit dog food is a great option to maintain your dog’s health and keep their tail wagging!

2. Before/After work jog. Wake up 30 minutes early and take a neighborhood jog with your doggie. Not only is it great exercise for your pup, but it is for you as well. It also gives them the opportunity to get some fresh air and familiarize themselves with your neighborhood. Keep in mind that you can always snap a fun pic walking your pup (hello natural light). Make sure the lighting is great and snap away.

3. Run up and down the stairs. If you have stairs in your home and it’s a chilly or hot day, this is the perfect way to exercise. Run up and down your stairs in the morning or when you get home from work with your pup. This is also a great before bed exercise for a good nights sleep.

4. Take your dog for a hike. Even small pups like a good hike. It’s a fun way to bond with your dog and it also gives them a chance to meet other dogs during your hike. Always be cautious of the temperature outside, making sure their shots are up to date and also being aware that not all animals are nice.

5. Blog dates or dog dates? Find a blogger friend who you can collaborate with and bring your dogs along. This is a great opportunity for photo shoots or just meeting a new blogger in your area. This gives your pups time to play and you time to work!

Have so much fun with your pup and don’t forget to get creative! Share your pup photos with us by tagging #TheBlogIssuePups!

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