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We are nearing Christmas and it’s that time when we are trying to wrap presents while seeing friends and family. Instead of gathering everyone for another cookie exchange, why not throw a Holi-DIY party with your close friends to finish last minute wrapping while celebrating the holiday season! Chicago bloggers, Megan Patterson and Katie Niemiec, along with celebrity wedding planner, Debi Lilly team up to show you how to throw a last-minute, budget friend holiday gift wrapping party!



Step 1: Food and Snacks

Whether you are planning a brunch or late night party, having something for your guests to snack on is essential. You can be as elaborate as a full menu of brunch items or keep it simple with a selection of cheese and crackers from your local Trader Joes market. Simply grab a mirror or jewelry tray from around your house for a vintage DIY feel, top it with a batch of sea salt brownie bites and you’re golden!


Step 2: Gift Wrap Supplies

Stop by your local dollar store or Target dollar section for a wide variety of gift bags, boxes, wrapping paper and bows. Even better, print out these super cute free printable gift tags from Debi Lilly, here to add to your holiday gifts.  Feeling extra creative? Grab some fun holiday items such as bells, festive cupcake liners, sparkly washi tape and holiday paper for your guests to show their creative side.


Step 3: Sips

Everyone loves a reason to drink champagne and sip on pretty cocktails and the holidays are the perfect time to do just that! Grab a bottle of champagne and a variety of juice mixes such as pineapple, peach or orange for a holiday fizz or try out this jingle berry punch recipe (will send recipe from Debi). We used our favorite Lavender Honey syrup from local Chicago mixologist, Ravae Schneider of Femme du Coupe to give our prosecco a little extra pop!


Step 4: Decor

Using pattern washi tape and mini clothes pins, create the perfect sign holders for your place cards or menu displays. Arrange different decorating materials in cocktail glasses throughout the table for a festive feel. For an added bonus fill your candle holders with succulents to add another decorative DIY aspect and create a perfectly festive feel to your space.


Step 5: Photo Booth

Last but not least, be sure to capture every moment of fun with a quick and easy photo booth. Using a piece of yarn tie long strands of ribbon over top to create a backdrop for guests to pose in front of. Grab a few household holiday items, such as ornaments, garland and Santa hats for fun props for guests to enjoy and snap away!



Katie of Little Black Blog, @katieniemiec

Megan of Sparkles & Sprinkles, @meganpatty


Event Planner:

Debi Lilly of a Perfect Event




Leigh Loftus

Donna Binbek


Event Space:

DL Loft




Goddess and the Grocer



Cocktail Sponsor:

Martin Miller Gin


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