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Ralph Lauren once said “Style is very personal. It has nothing to do with fashion. Fashion is over quickly; style is forever.”

Maybe it’s this philosophy of style that gives even the craziest trends the staying power to outlast generations and reinvent themselves when least expected.

era: 90’s
trend: frosty eye makeup

Seasonal style and beauty trends can often feel as fleeting as Arizona winters, but some classic looks are re-born every year. Springtime, for instance, never returns without flowing florals and pretty pastels in tow. As your heavy winter coats and clunky boots prepare for hibernation, consider lightening up your makeup routine along with your dainty spring wardrobe.

The glam ambassadors of the 90’s were no strangers to “light” makeup, but they usually took that to mean frosty shadows and lipsticks that literally caught (sometimes far too much) light.




Mandy Moore’s soft pink lip in this late 90’s photo shoot was actually pretty subdued as far as frosty looks go. Her makeup artist made a good choice by pairing the super glossy lips with a simple, softly-lined eye.


I certainly don’t mean to offend a pop legend like Britney or throw judgment at one of the most iconic songs of our time, but this eye makeup from her “Oops! I Did It Again” video is a classic example of a slightly over-frosted 90’s look (even though this song was released in May of 2000). We can see that the frost not only covers her entire lid and inner corner, but also extends all the way onto her brow bone.

There’s nothing wrong with a little frost, and of course it was a staple of 90’s fashion, but nowadays there are ways to re-create the frosty vibe without going overboard.

 modern re-creations


First of all, I think Zendaya is one of the most beautiful girls to ever grace the planet, and I almost think she can do no wrong when it comes to beauty and style.

Anyway, a look like hers is a super simple way to frost up a basic smokey eye. Dabbing a bit of shimmery shadow across the brow bone lightens up the heavy pigments and helps the eyes pop without washing the entire face out. Z finished off the look with basic contouring and highlighting and a barely-there lipstick.


Jessica Alba is literally glowing with her lightly lined eye makeup and bold red lips. We can see that her eyelids are slightly dusted with a white-ish shadow, but most of the frost has been pressed onto the inner corners of her eye, making her look wide awake and keeping the look delicate under her lush lashes. Lining her waterline in white was a good call as well. Had she dabbed white onto her actual lower lash line, her eyes would have been washed out.

As we can see from ladies like Zendaya and Jessica, frosting your makeup is not much different than frosting your desserts–it can be a fabulous addition, but is usually best in moderation.  

Nyx’s Hot Singles eyeshadows come in 88 shades and are a total steal at $4.50 a piece. Diamond Lust, Kandi, and Rebirth would be a great addition to a tasteful smokey eye. Nyx also makes several shades of jumbo eye pencils that are perfect for a frosty base or for lining your waterline. See here!

ColourPop makes budget-friendly matte, satin and pencil lipsticks in nearly every shade you could ever imagine. Their Westie matte lippie stick is a great light pink shade, and if you’re feeling a little more bold, give their Marshmallow ultra satin lipstick a whirl.

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