The Next Best Thing – Banana Ice Cream


Savannah Larsen

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Just kidding! It’s not the next best thing because I’m actually really late trying it. I constantly see people posting about homemade banana ice cream. What? I love bananas and ice cream! Last night, I decided to go for it. I sliced 2 bananas the night before (Tuesday night) and blended them last night (Wednesday night). Let me tell you, it wasn’t that easy. Since you are blending only bananas, the consistency is real thick and the blender pushes the bananas to the side. I continued to spoon the bananas on top of the blade and blend for 2 seconds, then again, and again (for future reference, I recommend using a small blender or food processor so the bananas don’t have too much room to move). Okay, I promise, soon it will be just like creamy ice cream!

After making this banana ice cream, I am addicted. It’s so healthy because it’s just bananas, it’s refreshing especially during summer and most importantly, you have like 50 variations! Cinnamon, peanut butter, honey, dark chocolate and the list goes on. See below for some banana recipes that I am dying to try. Just click the photo for the recipe!




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