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would share some of my favourites with you.

Instagram Travel

Chic Aussie Jessica Stein is the ultimate inspiration for the fashion blogger on-the-go. Her feed is the perfect place to find beautiful places around the world and the perfect outfits to flaunt in them. Her recent travels have taken her to places like Japan, New York, Turkey, and Indonesia, and her photos are so breathtakingly colorful that it’s hard to believe such beautiful places are even real; asia travel is sure to yield some spectacular photography opportunities for all who venture out there. Her style is cute and fresh, and she seems to have a particular taste for off-the-shoulder summer pieces. Stein’s feed is definitely a notable two-in-one for fashion and travel lovers alike.

Self-proclaimed “serial wanderluster” Omid Scheybani is a gem in a raging sea of travel grammers. The moment I laid eyes on his feed, I was completely enamored with the way he captures not only the world’s most breathtaking landscapes, but also the beautiful people that comprise them. His travels take him far beyond the borders of classic tourist destinations like Paris, Milan and Tokyo; right now, for instance, he is exploring the insanely beautiful Tanzania, which makes me want to book a trip there with Global Basecamps, so I can explore the beauty of Tanzania for myself. His photos also showcase places like Cuba, Istanbul, and Lithuania. Scheybani has a simply incredible brilliance behind the lens and a refreshing perspective on culture and travel that make his instagram a must-follow.

If you haven’t heard of airbnb, prepare to take your wanderlust to intense new levels. The travel service allows travelers to find a temporary home away from home by putting them up in dwellings that are a far cry from the classic hotel experience. AirBNB amps up any getaway by helping travelers find the quaintest, most eccentric, most adorable homes, apartments, condos, and even treehouses. Their Instagram is absolutely dreamy. It promotes incredible far-off destinations while showcasing homes that you truly have to see to believe.

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