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 Food IG's Aug


This sophisticated ‘gram touts itself as showing “all the food that’s fit to cook,” a play on the New York Times’ ages-old tagline. NYT’s food instagram has something for every taste. Even better—a lot of their posts have links to full recipes, and older links can be accessed under the “food” tab of the NYT site. Another perk to the NYT foodstagram is that it gives followers an awesome way to discover more foodies and chefs around the world. Many of the recipes come from different users with unique tastes and methods of preparation. This account also has photos of plenty of top restaurant choices from around the nation.Don’t forget to track the tag #NYTCooking for even more great ideas!



Chitra’s feed is a dream for anyone who loves colorful imagery and rich ethnic cuisine. She is a Brooklyn-based cook and the owner of @BrooklynDelhi condiments, a line of small batch Indian achaar. She occasionally provides links to her recipes, but even when she doesn’t, her posts usually include a full list of ingredients. She is truly a visionary modern chef, combining her beautiful Indian heritage with modern twists that will make every adventurous palette fall in love with her dishes. Another perk to her feed is that she’s pretty good at replying to questions and comments from her followers, meaning you can get inspired by a unique dish while raving with the chef about her favorite ingredient or seasoning. She also features some restaurant meals from time-to-time, primarily from her favorite spots around NYC.



No matter what I’m craving, I always end up finding something amazing on thefeedfeed. What makes this account special is that it aggregates recipes from around the instaworld by tracking the #feedfeed tag and creating an entire feedfeed community of people from all around the world looking to share their recipes. Every single post has a link to a full recipe or a full list of simple ingredients, and sometimes the recipes will even be included in the description.

Their website,, is packed with recipes for all types of grub, from classic pancakes and cake to sangria and British food. Pretty much everything on their site is delightfully Pinterest-worthy—don’t be surprised if you get sucked in for a good half hour!

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