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Celina Jimenez

Celina Jimenez is a journalism & business entrepreneurship student at Arizona State University. She is passionate about culture, style, and writing. She loves creating features and articles to reflect The Blog Issue’s mission.

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“Just because we’re home most of the day and tending to our little ones, doesn’t mean we can’t live a trendy lifestyle. Hence, The Happening Housewife!”




The Happening Housewife is a giddy glimpse into the life of Stephanie, a modern, busy mother of two boys. Her blog happily yet strongly objects to the voices who make stay-at-home mamas like Stephanie feel like what they’re doing isn’t a full-time job.


The Happening Housewife combines Stephanie’s love of food, fashion, and family fun on a budget. Her desire is to connect with other stay-at-home moms and encourage them by offering frugal advice and a place to seek inspiration. it started as a way for her to re-connect with old girlfriends, but soon turned into a place where she found many other women who shared her interests and struggles.

I wanted to share my family’s awesome experiences with everyone around me but, found my blog would end up being so much more than that.


“I now ask anything and everything that I feel will benefit my children and never hold back from a gut feeling.”








Some of her favorite crafts and ideas to share are recipes, home decoration ideas, and her unique collection of mugs. Even as a busy, on-the-go mother, Stephanie still loves following the latest trends and styles for her little ones. Her favorite places to shop for her boys are Loved by Hannah and Eli, Geo Fox Apparel, and Little Adi & Co. When treating herself, she loves Chloe + Isabel, Enjoy Essentials, and Target. Her love for monogramming has also drawn her to For Posh Sake and Mimi’s.


All in all, Stephanie’s love of life and motherhood shines through her blog. She is passionate about connecting with other moms and trading stories, sharing wisdom, and creating a fresh perspective on the term “stay at home mom”.




Visit Stephanie at The Happening Housewife to learn her mommy tricks and how she stays fashionable!


  1. love this blog!!!! So helpful and so many great ideas to save time and money!! I have used several of her money saving ideas and am so thankful

  2. Stephanie is the sweetest and cutest thing ever and I look forward to her IG/FB posts and blog posts/videos everyday! As a stay at home Mom of 2, part-time jewelry merchandiser, I completely relate to her. Congrats to you girl for being featured here!! Wishing you lots of success in the future!! xoxo

  3. I am so very proud to say Stephanie is my daughter. She is an amazing woman and mommy to her little men! I look forward every day to seeing her blog even though I live just around the corner. I LOVE YOU!!!!! Mom 🙂

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