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Savannah Larsen founded The Blog Issue in June of 2014. Her goal was to create a magazine for bloggers in order to showcase their talents and inspiration worldwide.

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“Being that I’m a little ant compared to the animal kingdom also known as the Internet, I was pretty nervous going into it.”

-Lauren Ashley



Lauren Ashley is the gorgeous lady behind the blog, The Fashionista’s Diary. For a while, Lauren contemplated on starting a blog with so many questions of how to design it, what would the name be and how would she want to portray herself? Since Lauren knew she had a love for fashion, inspiring others and dressing up, January 27, 2014 The Fashionista’s Diary was born.


Young Lauren Ashley was given the nickname “Fashionista” while growing up. While her family would wear jeans shorts and tees to breakfast, our Fashionista would spend much longer getting dolled-up and making sure her outfit was put together perfectly! She chose the name The Fashionista’s Diary based on her childhood nickname and that her blog is a diary of not only her fashion and life, but also to the obstacles she faces and the accomplishments she earns.


This Internet is a huge world. So make your mark by being yourself and those who love you will love you for who you are! And those who don’t love you… well, shoo-shoo!


Over the past year, Lauren Ashley has learned so much about herself, others and the blogging community itself. So what has inspired her to keep going and dedicate her time to The Fashionista’s Diary? Something that has humbled Lauren, given her the strength and motivation to keep blogging and has put a smile on her face every single day is the love she receives from those who follow The Fashionista’s Diary.



“If you take anything away from this, I hope it’s to go after what you love and do it. Put 100% of yourself into it and  you’ll never fail until you stop trying.” -Lauren Ashley


Something that you may not know about Lauren Ashley is one of the reasons she started her blog. She wanted to show those who have bullied her since she was 10 that she turned out to be something and someone who is really great, despite their disapproval. There were nights that left her upset and crying because she was always the “different” one. She would rather work than go out and would rather shop than party. The Fashionista’s Diary has become an outlet for Lauren to express who she really is and has become the number one most important thing in her life, besides her family and God.


Today, to The Blog Issue and our readers, Lauren Ashley is the “different” one because of her kindness, inspiration and true motivation. She encourages each of us to keep that beautiful smile on our face and never stop doing what we love. She continues to inspire us to go after what we love, to put 100% into it because you’ll never fail until you stop trying.



Lauren Ashley’s Fun Facts!

Over the past year, Lauren Ashley has been able to finally decide that her style is extremely feminine. She always goes for the softer pastels, dainty jewels and girly silhouettes. She also have this new-found love for anything plaid, hints the pretty plaids in her photos! Lauren is 20…almost 21 and she lives in sunny warm Miami, Florida. She has three dogs, one of which is a chihuahua who she couldn’t imagine her life without. There’s nothing she loves more than being all cozied up in bed writing a blog post or online shopping and one last fact…she has the biggest fear of cockroaches!



Visit The Fashionista’s Diary to continue to be inspired by one of our favorite bloggers! She has a heart of gold and a closet every girl could only dream of!


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