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Savannah Larsen founded The Blog Issue in June of 2014. Her goal was to create a magazine for bloggers in order to showcase their talents and inspiration worldwide.

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The Bloggger Collab Creating a space for “Instagram relationships” to become real life relationships is what Jacqueline Fabricius set her heart on when she created The Blogger Collaborative. We live in a world where we have our life but then we also have our Instagram life. It’s a place where we are aloud to post pretty photos of ourselves and most importantly, pretty photos of our food. We have built some of the best friendships and many have even turned it into a full time job. Some of us live miles away and some just right around the corner. Blogging has become this incredible community of amazing and talented creatives, so why not bring them together?


The Blogger Collaborative began in Spring of 2015 when Jacqueline knew that there was something missing between bloggers, brands and editorial shoots. She made it her mission to fill those gaps by bringing bloggers and brands together in a studio setting.


First stop, Los Angeles. The Blogger Collaborative hosted their first editorial photo shoot with the help of 14 bloggers, multiple brands and her husband as Editorial Photographer. Naadine from Great Over Good opened her gorgeous studio space while Emily from The Stylist LA assisted in styling the shoot. The team of Swell Beauty dolled up the girls with their expertise in hair and make up to give the shoot a playful yet natural look. Nina Shoes brought the entire look together with their shoes and accessories.


“Married Team – Jake & Jacqueline,  created a fun, positive environment for bloggers, entertainers, stylists and designers to come together in a creative networking collab photoshoot. What is normally seen on social media as ‘competition’, was humanized by this event through new friendships and real life introductions.” – Devon Feldmeth





 “Getting to connect with these amazing women, and amazing brands, and the real people behind them was just so encouraging; I got to work with some of the sweetest, most genuine, beautiful people.” – Jaqueline Fabricius


This is just the beginning for The Blogger Collaborative and we are so excited to see what city they will be in next. Be sure to follow The Blogger Collaborative on Instagram for updates on their whereabouts! To get involved, visit The Blogger Collaborative.





The Talent

Founder: Jacqueline Fabricius

Photogapher: Jake Fabricius 

Studio: Great Over Good

Dresses: The Stylist LA

Shoes: Nina Shoes

Hair & Makeup: Swell Beauty


The Bloggers

Audrey Roloff

Kathleen Barnes

Jenna Colgrove

Lyndi Kennedy

Elaine Daneshrad

Katherine Lauren

Ashley Torres

Ashley Tarkington

Nikki Minto

Ashley Guyatt

Brooke Brumback

Devon Feldmeth

Maya Frank

Lindsey Caldwell


The Sponsors

Dunkin’ Donuts | Boxed Water |Kind Snacks | EOS Products | Blink Tats | Sugar Paper LA




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