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Savannah Larsen founded The Blog Issue in June of 2014. Her goal was to create a magazine for bloggers in order to showcase their talents and inspiration worldwide.

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Alina’s favorite stores include Asos, Nordstrom, Nordstrom Rack, Forever 21, Old Navy, Target, Nasty Gal, H&M, Piperlime, Banana Republic, Loft, Aritizia.

Tomboy turned Fashionista, it wasn’t until college that Alina’s interest in fashion began to blossom. She initially started her blog as a way to visually chronicle her existing outfits so she knew what was always hanging in her closet. Over time, Style By Alina gave her the confidence that she needed in order to step out of her comfort zone and experiment with fashion.


Style By Alina soon became her second home and life diary to share her passion in style, beauty and photography. While sharing the same interests in photography as her husband, Alina’s blog has brought them closer and created a bond while working together.

Whenever I get an email from a reader telling me how the blog inspires them, it makes all of the hard work feel worthwhile.





















Advice to new bloggers? Alina would always recommend, keep calm and focus on you! You will have the temptation to compare yourself to successful bloggers, but you must always be realistic. Success comes with time and a lot of hard work. If you continue to focus on your blog, improve your content and always add value, great things and opportunities will come along.

Be patient, work hard, and most importantly, have fun!


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