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Celina Jimenez is a journalism & business entrepreneurship student at Arizona State University. She is passionate about culture, style, and writing. She loves creating features and articles to reflect The Blog Issue’s mission.

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ShoeTeaseShoeTease is a haven for shoe lovers that is as diverse and colorful as the brains behind it. UK-born Cristina is an Italian beauty currently residing in Toronto, Canada who has always had a keen eye for style and design. Though she also has experience designing lingerie and women’s wear as well as creating illustrations for t-shirts, shoes have always been her true love.
Her shoe design training began alongside Manuele Bianchi of Edmundo Castillo during her time in Switzerland working for Hugo Boss. She later ended up in Toronto designing private label shoes for the Canadian market after freelancing at various French & Italian design labs and designing for Italy’s largest fast-fashion company.
This extensive experience has only made her more passionate about showcasing the shoes that catch her eye and the personal style that defines her. ShoeTease is a showcase of not only eye-catching footwear, but also Cristina’s t-shirt illustrations and personal style. Cristina only blogs about products that she finds “truly amazing, appalling, or interesting,” and describes it all in words that are “baked in sass and sprinkled with sarcasm”.
An advocate for “styling from the feet up,” Cristina is every shoe lover’s dream friend and a genuinely talented designer and blogger that all fashionistas will definitely adore.


Visit ShoeTease to envy more of her shoe collection!

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