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We often put off protecting our skin from the sun because let’s be honest, we all want that summer glow. What we forget are the long term risks of the sun, such as aging, sun spots, and skin cancer. As a girl who would go to the pool every chance I could get, I now realize it’s more important to protect my skin.

The sun can be extremely dangerous for your skin, especially when you’re regularly exposed to it. One of my friends suffers from hyperpigmentation, it seems to get much worse in the summer if she’s been in the sun for a long time. This is something that I know a lot of people seem to suffer with, if that’s the case for you then maybe you’ll want to look into some treatments. My friend was told to use vitamin C to try and reduce the effects that the sun has on her skin. Because of this, one of my top tips is to remember to take your vitamin C before spending long amounts of time in the sun. Vitamin C works well as sun protection, so make sure to take care of your skin.

Every four weeks I go in for my routine facial at Desert Bloom Skincare. In the back of my head, I always knew the sun was bad for my skin but instead I chose a tan face. My aesthetician has been working on my face since February to get my skin back to normal. From scarring to premature skin aging, I am extremely lucky that I am young and my skin is being corrected with routine work. That’s why I think it is important that you know what your skin type is so you can make sure you buy the best products for your skin so that it helps instead of potentially causing irritation. Even though we all know that getting older is inevitable, it doesn’t stop people from using products such as nad+ gold, which is said to potentially reduce the signs of aging. Just like with any skincare product, it is about being consistent, as this allows the user to see the best results. It is also important to look after your skin, so doing something as simple as applying sunscreen would protect the skin from sun damage.

You can learn about your skin here if you want to gain a better understanding of what your skin type is and what can and can’t help.

See below for tips on protecting your skin this summer and what products I love to use…

Protecting your skin this summer Alba Botanica Revitalizing Green Tea SPF 45 is my daily go to. I found this while searching for a spf that was completely natural and would not make my break out. I typically do not use this sunscreen under make up because it does have a shiny appearance. I always use Alba on my make up free days! I purchased mine at Whole Foods and you can purchase your own here.

Protecting your skin this summerLa Roche-Posay Anthelios Clear Skin is great for a strong SPF. I purchased this because I wanted a high SPF since I find myself in the sun quite often. I have very sensitive skin and super prone to break outs. The Anthelios Clear Skin is oil free which is great but it can be a bit drying. I typically use this under my tinted moisturizer for a extra protection. Just make sure not to put it anywhere near your eyes…I made that mistake and ouch! I purchased mine here.

Protecting your skin this summer Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer Oil Free in natural has literally been my life savor! I exclusively use this for my every day make up because it does not break me out and it has SPF 20. If I’m going to be in the sun, I will apply the tinted moisturizer over La Roche-Posay’s SPF 60 for extra protection. If you are using La Roche-Posay, make sure you apply a moisturizer under your sunscreen since this brand for me was a bit drying. You can purchase Laura Mercier at most department stores, Sephora and here.

Protecting your skin this summer Bondi Sands Self Tanning Foam, from what I hear, is a great alternative to sun bathing. I have not tried it but have heard amazing things. A lot of self tanners will turn you orange or blotchy. This one in particular gives a sun kissed glow without the sun exposure. There are only a few stores in the US that carry Bondi Sands so when I do purchase, I will go through their website, here.

Janessa LeoneJanessa Leone Klint Hat…obsessed. I am a sucker for hats and why not be when they shield you from the sun. Completely in love with this Janessa Leone hat because it literally goes with everything. Dress it up for Sunday brunch or pair it with your beach bikini. You can purchase yours here!

Protecting your skin this summerVersace Medusa Head Silk Scarf is a must. I would wear a head scarf every day if I could. The key is the scarf protects your ears from the sun which are typically very vulnerable since we forget to protect them. Pair your scarf with sunglasses and you will be feeling like Grace Kelly! Shop this Versace scarf here!

Water, the most important item in your daily routine. In the past few months, I started counting my water intake. It’s amazing how much water our bodies need and how much water I wasn’t drinking. Staying hydrated made such a difference in my skin, energy and it even made my lips more plump! Your water intake depends on gender, weight, height, age and climate. Wondering how much water you should be drinking daily? I use this hydration calculator to know exactly how many ounces my body needs.

Rose water aloe juice ice cubes are a refreshing trick that my aesthetician taught me. The cubes help tighten your skin and also help with redness. Sun damage can cause redness on the face, especially around the nose. The cubes will help tighten your pores and act as a preventative for the redness. I recently started using this trick and yes, it’s cold but totally worth it!

What I use: half rose water and half aloe juice. The rose water can be made at home by boiling dried rose petals. For the aloe juice, you can purchase a large bottle from Whole Foods in the stomach isle. I mix the rose water and aloe juice equally and freeze into small cubes.

Don’t forget to take care of your skin this summer! Do you have any great tips for protecting your skin this summer? Comment below! Also, if you have any other ideas or tips, or can offer beauty, makeup or skincare services, make sure you list your beauty services here!

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