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Savannah Larsen founded The Blog Issue in June of 2014. Her goal was to create a magazine for bloggers in order to showcase their talents and inspiration worldwide.

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Adriana, the gorgeous lady behind Pineapples and Coffee Cups spends each day in a glittery, donut-infested, laugh-until-you-cry dance party. A blog that began at the most painful time of her life, has turned into a glitter party filled with joy.


Adriana found herself at 26, divorced with no idea as to how she would get through the sadness and suffering. She began writing and soon enough, the writing turned into healing. As she moved on in her life and advanced her career, the Pineapples and Coffee Cups Instagram was born!


Instagram soon became her creative outlet and a way to document the fun ways her life had improved. Instagram reminds Adriana that there are beautiful things in the world that are worth documenting and exploring, even in the midst of sadness.

There is a lot of laughing (mostly at myself) and ALWAYS donut eating, coffee-drinking, and way too many coffee mugs (are cupboards even used for anything else?).

“You’ll never find me without a book and a highlighter, I love a good mug pun, and The Vampire Diaries is my number one guilty pleasure”


Each day, Adriana still finds herself amazed at how incredible her life and blog have turned out. Her days are made from each and every email she receives from other women who have read her story. Her blog makes them laugh out loud or cry. These women too have been or are going through a divorce or betrayal at a young age.

“Really good at eating pizza. Excellent at taking naps. Sometimes successful at being an adult.”

By supporting one another, Adriana finds Pineapples and Coffee Cups as a place to come together regardless of where you fit in. Her blog is a direct reflection of her life: sometimes it is happy and full of party-planning and exploring LA, but other times it’s about working through difficult feelings and experiences.
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