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Savannah Larsen

Savannah Larsen founded The Blog Issue in June of 2014. Her goal was to create a magazine for bloggers in order to showcase their talents and inspiration worldwide.

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Writer's Block

As a blogger, there is nothing worse than writer’s block. Lately I have been feeling a little writer’s block myself which is why I am sharing some of my experiences with you. Sometimes, I think we get writer’s block because we are simply thinking into things too much. It leads to a lack of motivation and then a lack in posting which can upset our readers. So what do you do? Here are some things that help me overcome writer’s block.

  1. Change your environment – If you are experiencing a tough time at home writing, try going to your nearest coffee shop. The second I change my surroundings, especially at a coffee shop (hint hint — caffeine), I can immediately write. Have a look online for the nearest shops to you; a friend told me about the st augustine coffee shops recently and they look amazing!
  2. Seek inspiration in a friend – Find your creative friends, whether it be one or a group, and meet for a brainstorm sesh. Recently, I met with a friend at a coffee shop and she gave me tons a great things to think about. Those great ideas led to more ideas and let’s just say, that night, I have never worked so hard.
  3. Tune into your favorite playlist – Personally I use Spotify or Pandora and I tune into a playlist that isn’t too distracting. Music keeps you focused but also helps fill the background silence. Depending on the song, some have even inspired an article idea!
  4. Go to the gym – While running on the treadmill, my brain is flowing with great article ideas. I immediately type those ideas into the notes app on my iPhone so I don’t forget. After leaving the gym, I feel so motivated to write.
  5. Go to a blogger event – I attend events a few times a month and they truly motivate me to grow The Blog Issue. Just by introducing yourself and meeting a new reader, you begin to remember why you are there and why you started your blog in the first place. Again, my creative brain is flowing and I am constantly making notes.
  6. Visit other blogs – I highly recommend visiting blogs daily. It’s not that you are going there with the intention of copying their topic, you are going there to be inspired. I read dozens of blog posts each day and one little piece of each inspires me to write. It’s truly an inspiration to see what others are doing and what makes them successful.

How do you overcome writer’s block? We would love to hear!

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