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Once named one of the happiest places to live in the world, Newport Beach, CA should be on your travel destination list this year. I can remember as a child begging my parents to take me back to Newport Beach. The weather, the beach and Disneyland just 30 minutes away, it’s safe to say that was my favorite place to visit and still is.

For our Christmas presents, my boyfriend Michael and I decided to take each other to Disneyland! In just two weeks we will be heading back to Cali for some Disney fun and of course, making a stop in Newport. Since I’m pretty much obsessed with Southern California, as most people are, I wanted to share with you my favorite things to do while visiting Newport Beach.

First, you will need a place to stay. I highly recommend Pelican Hill Resort. Literally, this resort is jaw dropping!!! If you are wanting something more beachy, I honestly love renting a beach house right on the sand. Whether you are going with a group of friends or family, the beach house can be so much fun and easier on your wallet.

When visiting Newport Beach, you will enjoy endless amounts of fun and things to do. Enjoy beach waves, luxury shopping, a day at the golf course or relaxing spa treatments. For restaurant & dining recommendations, visit here. Some places I would recommend that you add to your list are:

I am counting down the days until I arrive in Newport! For special offers on your trip to Newport Beach, visit here. Have you been and do you have any places to recommend? Let me know below!


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