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Savannah Larsen founded The Blog Issue in June of 2014. Her goal was to create a magazine for bloggers in order to showcase their talents and inspiration worldwide.

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Randi & Brie of My Splendid Living.
“Creativity is one of the outlets that fills my heart with happiness.” -Randi


Creativity and inspiration is most certainly shared between the two best friends behind My Splendid Living. It all started back in 2008 when the two bloggers, Brie and Randi were both single and spent each day together. They decided that they would create their own reality show on two friends trying to find love in the Silicon Valley. Shortly after the pitch to a video production company, Brie found her husband and needless to say, that idea was put to rest.Six years later, the two best friends are now the faces behind the new but quickly growly blog, My Splendid Living.


We inspire each other and the idea that we never stop telling our story! Everyday reflects a new message or idea to our audience.


My Splendid Living provides the tools and inspiration to help people entertain a small dinner party or host a large event such as a wedding shower or birthday party. Their blog provides decorating ideas, tablescapes and cocktail recipes to use for that perfect celebration. Something you may not think about when hosting your dinner party is the cutlery; why not wow your guests with these silver plate cutlery sets? It’s the small details that count; it’s sure to leave a lasting effect on your guests!


So where did this perfect blog name come from? The name came to Randi and Brie while waiting three hours at the DMV to change their last names. Since they had always talked about starting a blog or a project together and they had time on their hands, they decided to act. Randi and Brie knew they wanted to focus on tablescapes and entertaining since their strong passion for throwing dinner parties and hosting events. Once they left the DMV they had a blog name, Instagram, Facebook & Twitter account!


Randi is a Marketing Manager for a high-tech company in Silicon Valley. She enjoys throwing parties, antique shopping and having fun with family and friends. During their photo shoots, Randi uses many of items that were inherited from her mother and grandmother. By doing so, this allows her to stay connected with the two people in her life that shes loves and misses dearly.

Brie has an amazing eye and talent in photography. After being second photography assistant to one of Martha Stewart’s top rated wedding photographers, she decided that she wanted to start a business that gave her the freedom to express her creativity and vision.


During The Blog Issue’s very first week on Instagram, My Splendid Living was one of our first features. We saw the talent Randi and Brie possessed and could not wait to see more. They have one of those blogs that you look forward to reading each day and photos that you can’t take your eyes off of. We are so happy to welcome our readers with My Splendid Living as one of our very first featured articles during the week of our launch. We would like to thank you for your support in The Blog Issue and the inspiration you bring to the blogging community!


Please visit My Splendid Living to be creatively inspired!



Thanksgiving at My Splendid Living


  1. These two ladies are so talented. Great article!! I look forward to their daily Instagram posts and I can’t wait to see what they come up with next on their blog!

  2. I love my splendid living and find inspiration daily by their creative posts and gorgeous photos. brie and randi’s ideas are hard to duplicate but I try my best! 😉 good work splendid ladies.

  3. Lloydene Ohlund on

    Thank you my splendid living for giving me some great ideas for my Thanksgiving table! I love your clean look and beautiful photography. I look forward to seeing your Christmas tablescape!

  4. My Splendid Living has such a classic and tasteful eye for design with a touch of modern flair. Completely inspirational and fun to follow! I love it!

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