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The sophisticated trend that made a comeback this year – the neck scarf. I remember as a child, I would play dress up in my grandmother’s stylish closet while prancing around the house in her heels. The one accessory that took my heart was the neck scarf. Not just any scarf, it had to be silk, colorful and just enough fabric to tie around my neck, like the Designer Silk Scarves from Victoria Ragna. Those are the types of scarves that make a statement!

Through the years, I found myself in fabric shops buying the most beautiful silk so that I could make my very own scarves, whether the style was in or out. There is something about wearing a dainty scarf that makes you feel so lady. It’s one trend that I hope lives on forever.

Neck scarf Photo via Pinterest

 neck scarfJimmy Choo Shoe Print Silk Scarf – $185

Neck Scarf Photo via Pinterest

neck scarf Toteme Striped Silk-Faille Scarf – $200

Neck scarfPhoto via Pinterest

 neck scarfGucci Gold Harness-Print Silk-Twill Scarf – $391

 neck scarfPhoto via Pinterest

neck scarf Dolce & Gabbana Drawing Heart-Print Silk-Satin Scarf – $391

neck scarf Photo via Pinterest

neck scarf Anna Coroneo Handbag Small Square Scarf – $75


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