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Celina Jimenez

Celina Jimenez is a journalism & business entrepreneurship student at Arizona State University. She is passionate about culture, style, and writing. She loves creating features and articles to reflect The Blog Issue’s mission.

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“What first started off as a small hobby has now evolved into one of my greatest passions. I get such joy out of creating new material and interacting with my readers – the whole experience has become completely addicting!”





What started as a documentation of Joelle Anello’s list of “30 things to do before 30” quickly evolved into a full-blown lifestyle blog. Anello is passionate about connecting to a community of bloggers that have inspired and empowered her over the years as she continually learns how to best navigate the blogosphere.


The constant challenges and learning opportunity that blogging brings motivates me to keep going.




La Petite Noob has provided an outlet for Anello to develop an ever-growing interest in personal style, and she loves inspiring her readers who have similar interests. She encourages new bloggers to be brave and experiment, especially within the first few months after a blog’s conception. Though she still often feels like “noob” in the blogging world, her passion for blogging and connecting with others has allowed her to sustain a uniquely delightful website.





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Anello, a native of Ottowa who is currently based out of Toronto, Ontario, Canada, loves developing her style with shops such as Zara, Artizia, American Apparel, Asos, and ShopBop, where shes finds the majority of her accessories.

I chose the name ‘La Petite Noob’ because I felt as though it described my feelings of being a newbie when I first started the blog. I still very much identify with the name, since I’m constantly learning so much about blogging and oftentimes feel like a Noob – but I love it!

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