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Hi, hello, hi…

LA was AMAZING! For those who are not on my Snapchat or Insta story, I jumped on a flight at 6am to meet my girl Mariam to pick out her wedding dress…yes her WEDDING DRESS! I felt so honored to be there by her side while we chose the perfect dress.

From LA, we drove to Newport and found ourselves at this cute little Corona Del Mar shop called The White Dress. You guys, I am obsessed with this store and will definitely be there when it’s my time to say yes!

After we found the perfect dress, we spent the day in Newport strolling the beach and picking out our future homes…yes it’s happening. After sunset, it was time to head back to LA to visit friends.

los angeles california

I was so fortunate to see literally the best person that has been in my life for the past 5 years. Our group of 9 made our way to a burger joint called Stout – yum. Then we bar hopped and ended up at Argyle in Hollywood. We didn’t stop there…at 2am, we headed to an after party where we reminisced on old times while drinking our usual, Jameson and Don Julio. 5:30am hit and for me, I had been up for 26 hours straight. Was I tired? No, I was just happy to say I made it that far.

Day 2, I was dying. Literally. I ran myself to Whole Foods to find the most replenishing smoothie so I could survive Harry Potter World. I left with a green smoothie in one hand and an apple turnover in the other. Needless to say, I survived and Harry Potter World was awesome!

The rest of the trip consisted of eating, watching the ASU Football game and spending our last day in Santa Monica. We found the perfect dress, spent time with friends and ate well. It was a good trip.

los angeles california


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