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Hello hello

I made my way back to LA this weekend for a quick trip. I can never get away from LA for too long. With its beautiful scenery and more than enough activities to offer, LA is just perfect! It’s no wonder that people want to live here, too, with the luxurious houses encouraging celebrities and businessmen alike, or even just people wanting to start out in the city; all they’d have to do is pop onto a real estate platform like https://reali.com/los-angeles-real-estate/. A lot of people do seem to be purchasing real estate in LA these days. It is a lovely area, so it’s understandable that people are interested in moving there. I’ve heard that some people have been looking into apartments in LA. There are some lovely apartments in LA online, such as on websites like https://arqatcumulus.com/. Hopefully, those moving to LA will have a lovely time, it really is such a nice place. Regardless, I’ll not be moving to LA anytime soon, but a quick trip is always welcome! We obviously loved the weather because it was like 25 degrees cooler than Phoenix! Crazy right? I live in a sauna…

We spent time at the Comedy Store for David Spade, obligatory photos at Alfred’s Tea Room and enjoyed tapas at Bazaar by José Andrés. Bazaar is badass and everything is delicious!

Enough about dinner, let’s talk about what happened after dinner…alcoholic boba. Yes, ALCOHOLIC BOBA! I can’t even explain my excitement. I ordered the cantaloupe gin boba and let me tell you, I’ve never had anything so good. If I lived near this place, we would be in trouble… If you are in LA, you need to go to EP + LP. LP is the rooftop bar; great views and boba.

Let’s talk about skincare. So my friend lives directly across from this giant beauty store called Naime’s. Let’s just say, I got myself into a little beauty trouble. I bought all new make up and changed up my skincare routine (EXCITED TO SHARE WITH YOU!). Naime’s + Whole Foods beauty = Me happy

los angeles vacation

los angeles vacation

los angeles vacation | I am all about these shoes though… |

los angeles vacation| This place amazes me. Alfred you are genius. Constant lines out the door. Everything is so instagrammable. The matcha boba was delish. Call me basic, I know. |

los angeles vacation| This chocolate room was truly magical! Compartes Chocolate. If you haven’t heard of it, you need to… |

los angeles vacation

los angeles vacation

los angeles vacation

los angeles vacation| Dessert, Alice in Wonderland themed. I mean how cool, right? We were eating cute little caterpillars and pearls! This was definitely the best dessert experience and the food was amazing. Favorite: Coffee Rubbed Wagyu, Jicama Wrapped Guac and the Tuna Avocado Sushi. To dieeeee for! |

los angeles vacation| Bye LA. |

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