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Savannah Larsen

Savannah Larsen founded The Blog Issue in June of 2014. Her goal was to create a magazine for bloggers in order to showcase their talents and inspiration worldwide.

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“I knew that this was the beginning of something that would impact the blogging community and I could not wait one more minute.”

-Savannah Larsen

While vacuuming the floors at work, I thought to myself, what can I do next? I have a blog but what else can I do? I want more. I pulled out my phone, went to my GoDaddy app, typed in the words “TheBlogIssue.com” and there it was, available for purchase. June 28, 2014 was a Saturday and that Saturday was the day that The Blog Issue was born. I immediately ran to my computer, registered on Squarespace, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and LinkedIn (We are still in the Twitter works). I knew that this was the beginning of something that would impact the blogging community and I could not wait one more minute.

The Blog Issue soon grew very quickly and in just one month reached over 3,000 followers on Instagram. For weeks I would feature bloggers who I had built a good relationship with through my personal blog, yet they had no idea who was behind the features. The Blog Issue was a one woman job but soon became a “we” since one woman could never produce the amount of amazing photos and posts as our wonderful bloggers do.

My only passion soon became The Blog Issue and also my one big secret.

In September, The Blog Issue brought on our first intern Michelle Lella of The Witty Wardrobe and a group of five students from Arizona State University’s W.P. Carey School of Business, Celina, Sami, Kellie, Samantha and Quinn. Alex Leiphart was then hired to fully design the magazine style website that you are on right now. With each other we have been able to take The Blog Issue to the next step.


Photo Credit: The Fashion Chart

Our goal was to create a website that acts as a magazine for bloggers. Therefore it was important to us that our website looked professional and eye-catching. We had to consider a lot of things when we made it. Wix or WordPress? Our own servers or hosted elsewhere? One of our friends had created a website on SharePoint around this time, so she was able to recommend that website publishing site. She even showed us some of the web parts that can be added to the site too. They’re available to view at https://bamboosolutions.com/sharepoint/web-parts/ for those who are interested. That was something we researched until we finally decided which hosting website to use. And so on. Besides, if you want people to read your content, then getting the look of your website right is crucial. I remember in those early days that a friend of mine from Colorado gave us plenty of website design advice. She worked for a colorado website design company and her feedback definitely played a large part in making sure our website was easy to use. That is not all though. For instance, switching to satellite internet has allowed us to get our blog posts out there so much more quickly. We are based in a rural area and so satellite internet makes a huge difference to the speed of our connection. You can find out more about why satellite internet is well suited to rural areas here: https://www.satelliteinternetnow.com/. Furthermore, the talent that bloggers possess is overlooked each day and The Blog Issue was created to showcase their talents whether that is in fashion, beauty, food or lifestyle. Bloggers are real individuals who may not have a professional photographer or the means to lavishly spend, but would you ever know? Bloggers are there to connect with others around the world and teach them tips on fashion, cooking, decorating or life itself. A step into our blogging community is one that is positive, helpful, truthful and fun. It means having your boyfriend take 100 photos of you and praying that 3 turn out good so you can post. It means friendship, love and hard work. What you will find in The Blog Issue are beauties from all over the world who will inspire you each and every day.

I would like to thank my best friend, Emily Gross, Broke Girl Diaries, for staying by my side and pushing me even when things were stressful. For teaching me to be myself and that everything will work out the way it’s supposed to. My wonderful boyfriend, Michael Bailey for the love he has given me, even when my face was in Instagram or the computer each minute we would spend together. He has encouraged me to be something and someone great with just his presence. My Step-Father, Kevin Kinslow for pushing me to work hard and letting me know that there isn’t a timer on life, as long as you are pursuing your dream, don’t rush it and enjoy every moment of it. My Sister, Tasia Kinslow for being the angel who was blessed into my life, and for loving me unconditionally.

A Big Thanks To:

….Nala, Mom, Dad, Grandma & Papa, Aunt Jan, Uncle Cobie, Matteson, Danielle, Dominic, Aunt Heather, Uncle Chuck, Camren, Megan, Justin, Denis & Joan, Grandma Terri, Teresa, Lisa, Danna, Taylor, Dina, Lou Ann, Allie Phillips, Sam V., Steven, Mikey, Brittany Y., Mallory, Paula, Barb, Michelle, Celina, Sami, Samantha, Kellie, Brittany B., Ricky, Quinn, Carli Brezinka, Lauren Ashley Patao, Liz Larsen, Be You Jewelry, Pineapple Triangle, Sam and Kate Design, Carmen Ottens, Kate Irene Blue, Stephanie of The Happening Housewife, Grace Lee, Randi & Brie of My Splendid Living, Joelle Anello and everyone else who has contributed, supported and believed in The Blog Issue. I love you all…now Happy Blogging!

Savannah Larsen


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