One of the questions I receive most often about blogging is simply, what is the best thing about blogging?

This is the most frequent and absolutely the easiest question to answer. The friends that I have made. Now you might be saying, “Oh Laura Leigh, that’s so cheesy” or “Wow, typical” but y’all, I am being extremely truthful. If it wasn’t for the recommendation I got to look into a site like www.hostiserver.com, I wouldn’t have been able to run this site (as all blogs and websites need a web hosting provider), no one would have engaged in it as much as they have done and I definitely don’t think I would have made the friends I have made today. The friends that I have made from being in the blogging world are most definitely the best part of blogging. Two of my very best friends were social media friends for months before I actually met them in person. Now after over a year we’ve only seen each other 2-5 times but talk almost daily.

I literally couldn’t keep my sanity if it were not for these two. They’re also the two best people to run any idea I have about my blog by. I know they will be 100% truthful and tell me the idea is awful or that it’s amazing and I need to jump on it stat! Having friends that you can trust completely and go to at any point in time can be hard to come by. With these types of friendships you want to hold on tight and make sure you put in the time necessary to keep them going. Whether you live close or far, friendships take work and they take a lot of care.

louella reese talks maintaining and growing friendships

Here are my top tips for making those friendships not only work but grow!

1 | Remember to ask how their day/week is going
Everyone loves to talk about themselves, am I right? I mean why not. You’re interesting, exciting and have had quite the week. BUT your friend is also extremely interesting, exciting and may have very well had an equally or more eventful week. It’s important to show your gal pals that you care about what they’re going through as well. You don’t want to do all of the talking because you’re interested in their life too. That’s what friends are supposed to do, care about the other and what they’re going through.

2 | Make plans for exciting trips or weekends to visit one another
Just like a long distance romantic relationship, you need to see one another. One, because it will be extremely fun and exciting. Two, because you have a lot of catching up to do, even if you’ve talked on the phone weekly or text all day. You just can’t beat catching up in person. Also, it allows you to have an excuse to grab margaritas or go take a weeks worth of blog photos for each other.

3 | Be honest
Honestly is the best policy. That’s what momma always said, right? This is beyond true when it comes to long distance friendships and those in the blogging world. She needs to know that she can count on you to tell the truth when she comes to you with something about her business (I’m talking about your blog here) or maybe about a personal situation (ugh, guys). If you think it’s a bad idea to include something in their media kit or respond to a brand’s email in a particular way, tell her! Sometimes everyone needs a little nudge in the right direction and it’s your responsibility to have the elbow behind that nudge.

4 | Talk about everything
Don’t limit your friendship to blogging just because you met through blogging. Trust me when I say that me and blogger bffs talk about EVERYTHING. From what sunglasses we’re purchasing to the new drink we tasted last night to the stresses we are feeling from work (or school). You are friends, you can and should talk about everything! This only helps you grow closer and create a stronger bond. Even if you live in different areas, you can still maintain your friendship by messaging each other on social media. You could send each other messages on Instagram if you wanted, that way you can respond to their instagram dms online from your laptop. It doesn’t matter where you both live, you can easily maintain your friendship online!

5 | Motivate/Encourage
Being each others cheerleader is something every woman in business needs. Let’s be honest right now…how many times a day whether it’s at work or working on your blog, do you doubt yourself? Pretty often right? It happens. We’re human and we’re women. We almost always feel like we could have done something better. Be encouraging to your friends and let them know they’re kicking butt! They’re working or going to school and blogging or heck, they blog full time because they’re awesome!
Also motivate your friends. If they’re thinking of trying something different on their blog or take a leap on some new venture, motivate them. Be their cheerleader! Let them know they have this!

6 | Have fun!
Don’t focus too much on all of the work and/or blogging. Have fun together. Plan means out, get together for a concert or head to the local watering hole and grab a cocktail. Enjoy being friends! Whenever my two blogger bffs and I get together, we have the BEST time and that’s because we let loose and enjoy the time we have together. We laugh until we legit cry, we indulge in extremely tasty treats and we cheers to the things we have accomplished.

Having long distance relationships can be amazing and having friends in the blogging world can seriously be the best. Aka they can legitimately become your best friends, mine did. If my blogging never grows into a full time venture as I am hoping it will, I will forever be thankful I entered the blogging world because of these friends!

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