9 Girls Night In Idea’s


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Color Me Courtney

Girls just wanna have fun! Are we totally right? From baking and painting to lounging on the couch watching PLL episodes, here are some of our favorite girls night in ideas! Don’t forget to share yours with us!

Watch your favorite TV show
Invite the girls over for pizza and dessert to watch the newest episode of your favorite show! We all know that at least one of your friends will have a food delivery app on their phone, so at least you’ll be sorted in the food department. As seen above, Color Me Courtney is enjoying her Tuesday night with pizza, her besties and the newest episode of PLL! Recently, a friend of mine had a new TV fitted in her living room.But this wasn’t just any old TV. It was a SMART TV, which meant that she is able to connect her TV to Netflix, YouTube and other apps to enjoy all the essentials we all need for a girls night in, in one place! She was also able to watch video on demand, which is amazing. Of course if you have a TV like this or any TV for that matter, you want to get the best sound quality to go with it, which is why she was advised to look into something like Crestron London to get the help of specialists, who were able to install the audio system for her new TV. Since then, she’s been making the make the most out of it. Whether you are planning on watching your favourite TV shows or listen to music on the highest volume, the quality of the sound can make or break a girls night in.

Craft Night
Pinterest makes the best craft nights possible! Some of our favorite ideas include a mason jar paint party and glassware painting.

Have a Spa Night
Spa parties with your girls are always fun! Host a night in with fun mani pedi stations and facials. Here are some fun spa recipes for your spa night in!

Movie Marathon
There is nothing better than getting cozy on the couch to watch a good movie. Have a movie marathon with your girls! Don’t forget the popcorn, candy and even a bottle of wine!

Baking Night
Ok, this is a favorite! Invite your girls over for a baking party. Everyone brings their own recipe and bake away! When there are too many goodies to eat, make sure to bring some home to your hunny…he’ll never deny you a girls party ever again!

Make Over Party
We could all go for a little make over night, are we right? Get your girls together for a fun make over session. It’s always fun to see what other tips and tricks your friends have in store! For more inspiration, visit Pinterest!

Wine Tasting
Have a night in wine tasting! Everyone brings their favorite bottle of wine or wine from their country. Make sure to keep a set of pretty wine glasses for your girls. Cheers!

Costume/Decoration Party
With Halloween right around the corner, invite your girls over for a costume making party. The ideas get flowing when you have a room full of creative minds. If you are party planning around another holiday, invite the girls over to make decorations for that holiday!

Bloggers Gotta Blog
Hello Bloggers, have a fun blogging party! Nothing is more fun than being around the girls who really get you. Set up your home for a fun photo shoot with your blogger girls.

What are your favorite girls night in ideas? We hope you enjoyed ours! Make sure to share yours below!

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