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Meet Jess, creator and editor of The Sports Brat. From game day fashion to playing fantasy football, Jess brings a twist to fashion and lifestyle blogging. She created The Sports Brat to answer every girl’s questions when it comes to game day. Her goal is to bring people together and create a culture by showing women that it’s more than just a game. Our obsession with sports stars extends into all aspects of our lives. This is why sports speakers are always in demand for events. We are so excited to bring you our Q&A with The Sport Brat right in time for Superbowl! If you love sports, you should try betting on sites like 토토사이트


The Blog Issue: Tell us about The Sports Brat?

The Sports Brat: is a girl’s guide to game day. I wanted to give women a place to go for latest news in sports and ideas in a way that felt like they were chatting with their friends. I wanted to incorporate all things sports culture- tailgating, fashion, events- not just the nitty gritty of sports that you can find on ESPN. I wanted to show that it’s more than just a game.

TBI: What was your inspiration for The Sports Brat?

TSB: I felt like I was the go-to friend in my group for sports advice, and I felt like maybe I could speak to a larger group, not just to my friends. I’m passionate about sports and all things sports and I really wanted to share that.

TBI: Tell us your go to Game Day Outfit?

TSB: I’m a jeans and tee kind of girl. Depending on the event and the weather, I’ll most likely be wearing skinnies, Rag&Bone ankle boots, a Junkfood Clothing tee (supporting whatever team I’m going for that day) and an oversized sweater or my black Burberry Brit trench coat. If it’s really chilly or if I’m going to a hockey game, you’ll probably catch me in a beanie too.

TBI: When shopping for fashionable sports wear, what brand or store do you recommend?

TSB: I have a few favorites: Junkfood Clothing, Blaine Bowen Simply Game Day, Sporty Threads and Frites Forever. If you’re looking for a one stop shop, you can’t go wrong on fanatics, they have a huge variety!!

I wanted to show that it’s more than just a game.

BlaineBowen TshirtTBI: Give us some pointers on your game day glam?

TSB: I recently interviewed a make up artist who gave me the best advice…start with good skin. If you get a good glowing foundation then a little mascara is all you need. If you want to glam it up, go for a lip stain. That way you’re not smearing while you’re cheering! As for hair…messy waves are my go to look. I use Fave4 texture spray to finish after curling and I brush it out so my waves aren’t so structured. I also always bring a ponytail holder in case I need to pull it up at half time. If you’re having a bad hair day, there’s no better place than a game for a hat, so you can always rely on that to save your look!

TBI: Who is your favorite sports player? Sports team?
TSB: Oh my gosh, my favorite of all time, that’s so hard. I think if I had to pick it would be Lionel Messi. I don’t watch soccer consistently but he is my favorite athlete to watch and has been for several years now. I actually don’t have a team and I swore to make that my resolution this year, to pick a team in each sport and experience what that die-hard fan feels with each loss and each win.
TBI: If you are not at the game, what is your ideal environment for game day?
TSB: I like being around people, so either at a sports bar or a friends house. Being around a group of people feels more game day than being alone to me.
TBI: As Superbowl is approaching, who are you rooting for?
TSB: I really love Andrew Luck so I’m hoping he can take Indy to the big game!!

For more sports advice visit The Sports Brat.

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