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Celina Jimenez is a journalism & business entrepreneurship student at Arizona State University. She is passionate about culture, style, and writing. She loves creating features and articles to reflect The Blog Issue’s mission.

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Southern Sweetheart Kate Irene Blue has utilized her extensive background in fashion to create For The Love Of Fancy, a bright, modern fashion blog based out of her home in Houston, Texas.


Blue does her everyday shopping at stores such as J. Crew, Zara, ASOS and Nordstrom. When she wants to splurge, she love Kate Spade, Tory Burch and Ralph Lauren.


Thanks to her urges and suggestions from her now husband, Blue started her blog as a way to share her daily fashion journey with the world and to showcase her favorite styles and trends. Though her blog is not even a year old, she has already gained massive amounts of followers and supporters, which she consistently connects with through Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest.


I’m all about mixing affordable fashion with a few staple higher-end pieces


Blue’s loyal following can be attributed to not only her trendy and creative eye for style, but also for her heart behind the fashion. She aims to inspire women of all ages and backgrounds though her posts and fashion choices. Her signature blogging style is apparent through even the name of her blog, which comes from one of Blue’s most widely used phrase “oh for the love of God” and her tendency to over-dress.


Since the beginning of The Blog Issue, we have had a love for Miss Kate Irene Blue. Her southern style and sweetheart is one that has made all of us fall in love with her.


Please visit For The Love of Fancy to see more from Kate Irene Blue’s closet!


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