Five Ways To Mix Prints Like A Fashion Editor


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We all love a little print but how do you not come across too tacky, fashion illiterate or visually aggressive? Not all prints can be paired to equal success so that is why we brought Kelly Brook to The Blog Issue to teach us a few tricks! She brings to you a list of useful tips and fashion tricks to help you print fans combine different clothes that create a flattering effect and make you look as gorgeous as can be!


The flexible simplicity: Pair simple prints

If you want to appear in the club or office wearing more than one printed clothing item, you may find it useful to pick two or three different outfit pieces with a simple graphic print because these are easier to combine to a fashionably successful effect than a couple of elaborate or detailed prints. Due to their neutral nature, black and white stripes will work well with other simple graphic prints like polka dots and geometric shapes. You could even look into making your own prints using customizable clothing sites like Imprint or others that you’re able to design clothes from scratch with, this means you can add some extra personal touch to your chosen printed clothing!


A touch of taste: Combine stripes and elaborate motifs

In addition to their combination flexibility with other simple graphic shapes, white and black stripes also look great when paired with some elaborate prints like florals and animal prints. For example, you can pair a striped shirt and organic print trousers, or put on a jacket with elaborate print and supplement it with dotted or striped jeans.


Mixing colors: Pairing print motifs with different tones

If you’re uncertain about adequate print combinations for this season, don’t worry – you may as well try and pair some less complex black or white prints with another clothing item in solid colors. For example, a black sweater with white stripes or polka dots will go well with brown, olive, navy blue or blood red pants, and a dark blouse will look stunning when mixed with trousers in some ground tones.


Layering prints: Mix up the shapes and colors

Another useful tip when it comes to print mixing is layering. Layering prints in your outfit means combining, say, a tight polka dot sleeved shirt and a supersized T-shirt with a picture up front. Or, the next time you prepare to go to the beach, you can opt for a piece of white swimwear and pair it with a gauzy solid-tone T-shirt and floral shorts.


Extra careful: Mixing complex prints

Though it’s not always recommendable, mixing organic or complex prints can work well. The main point to bear in mind when combining more detailed prints is that items that have at least one or two colors in common can be paired without coming across as too garish. This means you can pair animal and reptile prints granted they share the same base color, or you can coordinate some floral designs and wide plaids in case they are not excessively bright or visually aggressive.


Whether you like it or not, staying coordinated print-wise is essential for first impressions. Pairing prints is not always easy, but it can be done, so follow these simple tips and you’ll never again have to worry about the fashion message you’re sending out to others.


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