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Prince Charming, the glass carriage, and a sparkly gown is what we dream of as little girls. As we grow, we begin to wonder, do fairy tales really come true? When will I have my Cinderella story?

On January 2, 2015, Lauren Vandiver of Vandi Fair, found herself in her very own fairy tale. What started out as a normal day, changed Lauren’s world. Her and Cole had spent the day relaxing and recovering from NYE. She had received a group text from her best friend saying their other best friend was receiving an award that night, however, Lauren and Cole had already made date night plans. After some convincing, Lauren was able to convince Cole to go. The award banquet, or so Lauren thought, was being held at the Gaylord in the Yellow Rose banquet room, which is where Lauren and Cole had their first date back in 2008. Not suspecting anything, Cole led Lauren to a sign across from their ballroom destination that read, “L & C.”

To be honest, once I saw the “L & C” initials at the setup, my heart began pounding out of my chest, my face went flush and I blacked out.

Friday, January 2nd, Cole Green proposed to Ms. Lauren Vandiver. Surrounding the two were family and friends who flew in for the big surprise. Cole proposed with a ring that is an oval setting with a halo on yellow gold. Incorporating Lauren’s favorite movie, Cole had a violinist playing “Beauty and the Beast” and even had a vase covered rose inspired by the movie. That evening was one of the best nights of Lauren and Cole’s lives. We give Cole an A+++ for being the perfect Prince Charming!



 Q & A with Lauren

Where did you and Cole meet?

Leave it to me to find my future husband on Facebook. It was near the end of my senior year of high school and I was so excited because I had just found out that I had made the Pom Squad at the University of Texas. I had just gotten back home from our first-ever Pom meeting at UT in Austin and amongst my many friend requests from fellow pommies and cheerleaders, there was a request from a boy (who also happened to be a baseball player at UT) who I thought was pretty cute. I didn’t think anything of it that night, but the following day I decided to do something I’d never done before – send him a Facebook message! I know it’s totally creepy, but I had nothing to lose, and after all, it was he who had asked to be my friend. 

The Facebook messages continued back and forth. Also originally from the Dallas area, he was only going to be in town for one week before heading off to Wisconsin to play summer baseball. I thought it would fade out, but we exchanged phone numbers and began texting on a daily basis. Three months and hundreds of conversations later, Cole was on a plane back to Dallas and swore he would be at my door to take me on a date the very night he arrived. Sure enough, he showed up. He took me to a sweet dinner at The Gaylord (hence the reason for the proposal there), and from then on, we were dating.


How long have you and Cole been together?

Cole is one year older than me. We dated all through college. Then, a year into me working in the real world and he playing professional baseball, I had to make one of the toughest decisions and break up with him, even though I was crazy in love with him. I didn’t know at the time, but it would be one of the best decisions of my life. I needed time to date other people and grow as an individual, and he needed time to mature (as boys always take longer than girls) and grow as an individual as well. I honestly never thought in a million years that we would have gotten back together.

A year after we broke up, though, he persistently started to text me daily asking if I would give him the opportunity to talk to me. I had to have said no about 40 times. Finally, I surrendered and agreed to hear him out. I’ll never forget that conversation. It was like I had written him a script of all the things I wanted and wished for him and us and it was coming out of his mouth in such a genuine, heart-felt way. There were tears in his eyes (and Cole never cries) as he spoke and explained all of the things the last year had taught him and all of the things he wanted in his life with myself being a part of it. After not speaking for so long, I was in shock, but I slept on it and slowly we began seeing each other here and there. And, to my delight and surprise, his actions more than met his words. Cole, the man I always loved, had finally grown to be the man I always wanted him to be. And, most importantly, he did it on his own. This conversation happened just about a year ago, and from there we began a relationship centered in Christ that has blossomed and flourished into a true fairytale of a love.

Our start to happily ever after was truly one of the best night of our lives. I cannot wait to become Mrs. Lauren Vandiver Green. 



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