Emily Brunotte’s Special Valentine’s Day


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The purpose of Valentine’s Day is spending it with your loved ones. Whether you spend it traveling, at home or at a restaurant, spend it with love. Emily Brunotte, Champagne in the Rain, tells us what she did for her loved one last Valentine’s Day!




“Last year for Valentine’s Day I wanted to do something a little different than we normally had done. We normally get dressed up, go to a nice restaurant and exchange a little gift or two. But last year I wanted to do something special for Nick, and not sit next to 50 other couples in a crowded restaurant. Nick and I both LOVE sushi, (love like we could eat it 7 nights a week no problem), so I thought it would be cool to make sushi at home!

The night before Valentine’s Day, while Nick was asleep, I snuck into his car and left a card and a little gift on his dashboard. Inside the card, I wrote reasons why I loved him and then asked him to bring champagne home with him that evening. On my way home from work that day, I stopped at the farmers market and picked up sushi grade salmon and tuna from our fishmonger and then rushed home to get started.

I opened up a bottle of white wine and turned on Cole Porter Radio, (this is my standard cooking environment), and got to work. I made the sushi rice (different than normal white rice), whipped up some spicy tuna with siracha, greek yogurt, sesame seeds, and some green onion, and then cut the salmon and tuna into sashimi-style slices. (Please let me tell you how much it helps to have a super sharp knife to do this, my knife was not nearly sharp enough and so my pieces ended up looking funny). I cut a few thinner slices to make into nigiri with the sushi rice and a little wasabi. All of this went on a big serving platter with some ginger, more wasabi, lemon and cucumber slices. I set the table and lit some candles around the house, just as Nick walked in with the champagne.

We sat eating homemade sushi and drinking champagne, wearing our pajamas and playing with our dog. We laughed all night and talked about the future and our next adventures together. It probably doesn’t sound like much, but it was my favorite Valentine’s Day because it was just us and our love. This year, I think we might stay in again and make sushi, but this time we’re making rolls!”


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