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So I’m all about drinking local but I’m not giving up my Starbucks. I’m not too picky and prefer straight black coffee but lately, I’m ordering a little outside of the box. Although I love Starbucks, a friend has been trying to convince me to start making my own coffee at home. They say that this coffee supplier in Nottingham is really good, so that might be something for me to explore. But what do I drink at the moment? Here it is…

Iced Dopio with Carmel Drizzle in Tall
This one is my recent addiction and it is delicious. Starbucks espresso can be pretty strong and the Carmel helps smooth the taste. Be careful because today, they added way too much Carmel and I could barely drink it!

Iced Con Panna in Tall
Ok, this is the drink I am asked about constantly! It’s literally 2 shots espresso with whipped cream! So easy, so unhealthy and so yummy! Also, you can pretty much get this drink anywhere. A few local coffee shops in Phoenix make an amazing Con Panna.

Iced Con Panna add Carmel Drizzle in Tall
Take the first drink and add it to the second. I would order this drink ever Friday as a little sweet treat. I finally gave up on this one because only a few people can make it right. This is how you would order it, iced Con Panna with Carmel drizzle. If I order it like that, they tend to get it right!

Grande Americana
My go to. This is hands down my favorite drink to order. It’s so boring but I’m not much into the sweet drinks…besides the ones above.

Grande Hot Blonde
I prefer the Blonde roast from Starbucks because it’s not as bitter as the others. Also, a barista once told me, “the lighter the roast, the more caffeine.” Not sure if it’s true but I’ll take it. When I’m feeling funny I order a “Tall Hot Blonde!”

The Quad on Ice in Tall
If you are in for a long day, the quad is my go to. Four shots espresso on ice in a tall cup. Whoa!

The rise in coffee shops is a phenomenon showing no signs of slowing down. It’s rapidly turning into big business on the high street as people’s demand for satisfying their coffee cravings grows. How Big Is the Demand for New Coffee Shops? The current number of shops is expected to double in the coming years leading many to see it as a lucrative business venture.

What are you favorite coffee drinks? Comment below!


  1. I personally, staying in the Starbucks theme here, prefer the Banana Caramel S’mores Frappuccino┬«.
    Which is a lot more than just straight up black such as your preference. ­čśë

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