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Color Me Courtney

I had the pleasure of becoming “insta-friends” with Courtney last year when I first started The Blog Issue. I fell in love with her style and of course Waffles. Over the past year, I became so inspired by Courtney and her quickly growing blog. Color Me Courtney has become so successful this year and Courtney is here to spill the secrets!

First off, we need to meet Waffles.  
“Oh Waffles, where do I even begin. After graduating with my MBA I treated myself by investing in the best / worst gift – A stubborn, California born French bulldog, Sir Waffles Leopard Nelson the Third. That was nearly three years ago, and we’ve basically been besties ever since. Waffles loves eating, taking selfies, naps, belly rubs and mostly selfies. His favorite color is red, and it looks great against his fawn french skin. He’s kind of like a grumpy old man-pig (he snores like you wouldn’t believe) and so beyond stubborn, you have no idea. He is famous for laying down mid walk, and having to be carried, stealing the show at the dog park and talking (yes, talking) until you give him all of the food he thinks he’s deserved. He’s spoiled rotten, but I mean, come on… look at him, can you really blame me?”

 How long have you been blogging and what first steps did you take when you began?
“My gosh, we’ll I’ve been seriously blogging at ColorMeCourtney for about a year and a half, I had a few blogs before that about random things, filled with really bad Macbook selfies and random Polyvore collages that only my Mom and Grandma read (thanks for the early support guys). When I moved to New York, I decided to take blogging seriously. I wanted to put my time into starting a blog and make money at the same time, which I knew could be possible if I worked hard and followed some tips and advice. At that moment in time I had 2 thousand followers on Instagram and about 1-2 thousand unique monthly views. It took a lot of hard work, late nights and red lipstick but I was able to grow my following to its current state. I worked at my 9-5 all day and went to events almost every night for about a year, networking with other bloggers and brands all in an effort to grow my own. Most importantly, I found my voice about a year and a half ago and set big, giant, monster goals for myself – they help keep me inspired and focused while I continue to take all the necessary growth steps.”


What is a typical day for you in the life of blogging?
“My blog life is nowhere near typical (I wish) while so many of the bloggers out there blog full time, 9-5, monday through friday, I do most of my blogging after hours. This is because I have a full-time job working for Coach as a product developer by day. Most of my days start around 5, when I wake up, snuggle waffles for a second and jump to my computer. I spend those morning hours answering emails or finishing up a blog post for the day (whoops, kind of cutting it close there) before getting ready. I try to shoot on the weekends, but about once a week we end up shooting before work around 730. If not, I end up leaving for Coach around 8, I walk to work on the highland so I use that time to relax, because it’s really my only “slow time” Aside from lunch hour blog emails, and occasional 5PM insta post I try to only focus on Coach while I’me there, cause multitasking is a giant time suck and thinking about what I have to complete after hours will only drive me crazy… well crazier! After I “punch out” I either head to a blog event, brand meeting or straight home to work. I’m usually in full Color Me Courtney mode by 7, knee deep in emails, eating dinner at my desk and working on content for the next day (I usually live post to post, I have the photos from the weekend before, but never have time to schedule my posts days in advise – #goals). I usually work until 1AM on a good night, but I often don’t crawl into bed until 2ish and I’m usually too wired to sleep right away, so I end up watching trashing TV until I pass out, for a quick second only to wake up and do it all again! Usually one night a week I take a break and indulge in Pretty Little Liars or some other TV show around 10PM – I know right, so glamorous 😉 For weekends I usually shoot almost all day on either Saturday or Sunday, and try to do something fun like visit a museum or wonder my neighborhood on the other day. My Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights are big nights in with me and my iMac, editing photos from the weekend, preparing for the week or working on new super secret projects for ya!!!”

 What would you tell a fellow beginning blogger to invest most of her money and time into?
“Hi first time bloggers!!!! First of all WELCOME ! To the tough yet awesome world of fashion blogging! Prepare to work like crazy but also have a fun time doing it! You should invest monetarily in two things: A good Website and a good camera, of photography if you don’t have someone willing to commit to talking your photos – and by commit I mean, you’ve had the “talk” and the know you are going to need 3-5 outfit photos every week for basically the rest of your life (lol, but really). You should invest your time in becoming prevalent in the fashion blogging community, fashion bloggers are the easiest followers to get early on because they not only understand and respect you, but are always looking for other bloggers to follow and follow them. They’re a great target market to focus on early on. I also suggest focusing on one social media medium at becoming an expert at it before branching out.”

Color Me Courtney

You have the CUTEST IG! How did you grow your Instagram following so quickly? Do you have any recommendations?
“Oh my gosh you’re too nice, I kind of sort of love Instagram and think it is an awesome way to get easy exposure as a blogger. I was able to grow my following from 3Kish to 50K in less than a year but it took a lot of work and a lot of late nights. I used to spend about an hour a day engaging on Instagram with other bloggers, current followers and potential followers. You’ll also notice I follow a lot of people, I try to go a step further with my followers by really forming a relationship with them – the loyal ones who comment and like everything, I totally follow back and do the same to them! I think as bloggers we sometimes are so distant from our following, and I don’t really understand why – I wouldn’t be anything without my following and I know that, so I totally love them and treat them like friends, not just followers! What else, OH I also I became super consistent. Posting at-least once a day, every day and noticed if I missed a day, I would loose followers. Most importantly I made sure I was posting nothing but awesome content everyday, – clear, bright photos that were really thoughtfully created and told some kind of story – even if the story was “Hi I’m Courtney and I think Sprinkles are a Food Group” 

We believe blogging is such a supportive and fun community. Can you tell us what your favorite part of blogging is?
“YAY! I TOTALLY agree, I love so much about blogging – hence why I give up sleep and a life to do it (sleep? what’s that?) so I can’t pick just one, but my three favorite things are 1) being able to create crazy cool content, and making it 100 percent my own! 2) Meeting brands, bloggers and most importantly followers that make it all happen, I have so much respect for everyone in this community and so much to learn from them too!”

Color Me Courtney

Tell us more about the Big Apple? Any Instagram worthy places in NYC that you can recommend to us?
“NYC is like no place on earth – it’s amazing and oh so sparkly, plus it’s filled of grammable locations. The West Village is the best village and coincidentally where I reside (oh would you look at that…) its totally picturesque, filled with bright brownstones and tree lined streets. The “rainbow wall” in brooklyn is another must see – its a gorgeous rainbow mural that makes for an amazing Instagram background. Speaking of Brooklyn, The Brooklyn Promenade has Janes Carousel, The Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory  and not to mention The Brooklyn Bridge – all awesome places to see and be seen! Hmm, what else… If you have a sweet tooth you have to try Dylans Candy Bar on the upper east, I’m also really into museums so I love getting lost at the new Whitney  the Museum or Modern History or the Met – and the rooftop at the met is like nothing you’ve ever seen before! boating at Central Park always makes for a lot of fun, not to mention a pretty picture and Coney Island Beach and Boardwalk is retro fun, plus any place where you can purchase cotton candy is a total yes in my book!”

We LOVE your style! What are your favorite stores to shop at?
“A shopping question? for me? My gosh I love to shop, it’s really a problem. Modcloth is by far my favorite – the best clothes, so on trend and so my style all for affordable prices, plus they get new stuff everyday – like what!!! I also love asos because they have such a selection and also awesome prices! Other favs include Nordstrom for everything under the sun, society social for all things home, ShopBop for quick shipping (Amazon Prime is my BFF), Mara Hoffman, Anthropologie, Kate Spade and Ted Baker.”

Color Me Courtney

Okay, one more! Any encouraging words you can give to your fellow bloggers out there?
“You’re awesome, the end. JK, well kind of.. if you have the creativity and the drive to start a blog you’re already my hero. I admire anyone who can put themselves out there like that and share something so personal with the world – when you think about it it’s equally cool and crazy so mad respect! I’m not an expert, but I think you just have to find your voice and hold on to it – finding your lane and sticking too it will push you so far in this industry! That way even if you fail (which you won’t cause you rock) or feel like you’re not getting the results you want, you know that you are always staying true to yourself, which is something to be super, crazy proud of!! You’re already amazing, just the way you are so keep up the good work and keep pushing forward, I promise, you got this!!”

We would like to thank Courtney & Waffles for an amazing Q&A sesh! We hope you learned a ton!
To see more of Courtney, follow her on Instagram and visit Color Me Courtney!


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