Gloria’s favorite stores to shop include ZARA, Topshop, Glassons, Urban Outfitters & Fashion BNKR!

Gloria is the darling little lady behind the blog, CHICACHIA. Gloria’s fashion sense evolved when she began college, as uniforms were her only option in high school. She decided to download an app called “Outfit Diary” where she was able to keep a log of her trendy attire. After the excitement of documenting her daily outfits for school, she knew that her next step would be to share her style through a blog.


Gloria began her blog as creative outlet to share her fashion sense with the world. With her unfamiliarity of the fashion and blogging community, Gloria would find her inspiration in a fellow blogger, Margaret Zhang. While Zhang made her way to and from class, Gloria became so inspired by Zhang’s fashionable style.

I continually get inspired and encouraged by each person I meet, where they come from, what their story is and what their dreams are.

CHICACHIA turned 1 this past October and for Gloria, it has been the most crazy and exciting experience. Through partnerships with various brands and the support from her amazing followers, Gloria has had the opportunity to build and create relationships with a multitude of people. No matter where CHICACHIA takes her, she will always want it to be a place of community, where everyone can encourage and learn from each other – whether that be in terms of fashion, or just life in general!


Follow Gloria’s style and become part of the CHICACHIA community. We know that there will be many more birthdays to come!

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