Camo + Clear


Camo + Clear By Breanna Sankey


I love styling outfits that are comfortable and cute, but on top of a classic look I usually add a piece to make it pop! It is important to be comfortable and confident in whatever you wear, so finding a style you love and sticking to it will help you feel good in what you wear. For me, I feel most confident in a good fitting pair of blue jeans and a cute top. Since this camouflage button down has a boxy shape, a fitted pair of jeans and booties gives that feminine touch to balance out the look.




Adding this clear cross body clutch and thick gold bangle was the perfect way for me to add elements of interest and texture to my outfit. Next time you are out shopping, think about what you can add to your favorite confidence-boosting outfit to make it stand out even more!




Camo 2


By Breanna Sankey, XOXO Breanna Lynn

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