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Blogging has become a glamorous hobby for many of us and a full time job for a lot of us. We often hear the question, how do you keep up? How do you blog full time and work full time? When can I quit my full time job and just blog full time?

First, let me tell you, don’t quit your job and don’t blog for the money. Blog because you love it. As glamorous as a bloggers life may seem, we still work our office jobs and we blog in between…and before, after, during the night, on the weekends…thank goodness for coffee! Yes, when it comes to blogging, there is a lot to learn, but it’s the same for any hobby or any job you get into. And also quite of bit of research like reading articles about Siteground vs Bluehost website speed comparison when you get onto the whole idea of web hosting will come in handy. No one tells you these things, but taking some time to find all this out will hopefully be worth it when you begin your blogging journey.

If you want to be a blogger, you need to make sure that your site can reach an interested, strong audience. One way to do this is through having an unlimited web hosting server. A fellow blogger friend of mine recommended a site like Certa Hosting to me when I started my blog, as they offer daily backups for your website, as well as unlimited bandwidth. Here are a few tips for bloggers on how to manage both your full time job and your full time blog.

1. Create a Schedule. Make a schedule that includes your work hours, classes, blog posts, lunch dates, etc. Staying organized and on schedule is so important when it comes to blogging. This will allow you to plan ahead and take a break when needed. Most platforms also allow you to schedule your posts in advance. This is a must especially if you are working a full time job. Not every boss will let you bring out your laptop at work just to publish your post.

2. Stay Organized. As mentioned above, create a schedule in order to stay on track and stay organized. Keeping your desk, office or work area clean is also great motivation to work. Staying organized allows you to plan ahead to ensure that you are not late for dates, meetings or your shift at work.

3. Make Use of Your Weekends & Nights. If you work a 9-5 Monday through Friday work schedule, fitting in your photo shoots can be challenging. We know the weekends are for time with family, friends and relaxing but in the blogging world, your weekends are precious. Make full use of your Saturday or Sunday and knock out 5 outfit looks, beauty sessions or recipes. Designing a beautiful home office specifically for blogging in the evening can help you be more productive at home! Many businesses have started employing people to work at home as this eliminates the need for them to invest money in buying an office unit for their employees. This will save the business lots of money and may save them from having to organise a merchant advance. If you are wondering, what is a merchant cash advance? You should check out Delancey street for information on funding merchant cash advances!

4. Make Use of Your Co-Workers. Hey we all have that co-worker that is interested in what you are doing. Some of us even have co-workers who blog (all the better). Set up a meeting with him or her and do a trade off. Make full use of your one hour lunch break and have a photo shoot. Scout out some great areas for photos that are near your office. Plan your outfits the night before and store them in your car. Don’t forget though, you only have an hour, so move quickly. Take photos of your fellow blogger and have them take photos of you. This can be very productive and create a special “blogger blond!

5. What About Social Media? I’m sure you have some great lunch spots, a Starbucks or an ice cream shop near you. Head out for lunch and snap a few photos! This does not require a photographer but it does require an iPhone (or whatever brand you prefer), great lighting and something Insta worthy. If you have absolutely nothing near you or just don’t have time to leave the office, keep a few photos around that you can use during those times. Tweeting? You can always tweet. Facebook? You can schedule those.

6. Use Your Boyfriend/Sister/Mom/Dad. Those times when you don’t have a photographer or simply just can’t pay for one just yet. As a start up blogger, the main thing to understand is to make use of what you have. So many bloggers use their boyfriend as their photographer and you would never know. Heading out to dinner and look super cute? Hey honey, pull over, the lightning is great, lipstick is on point, here’s the camera, now shoot! Two birds with one stone people, quality time with the boyfriend (maybe not to him but you can make up for that) & a new post for your blog!

7. If Your Serious, Wake Up Early & Stay Up Late. Blogging isn’t easy. Working full time isn’t easy either. How do you do both? I mean we all need our sleep, but most of us, sleep very little. Make the most of your time and stay up late some nights to finish your post. What not to do: get your readers ready for a new blog post and then fall asleep before you write and schedule your post. Green tea is a good option, a little bit better for you than coffee.

8. Stressed Out & Feel Like You Can’t Handle Both? Work, school and blog deadlines have you overwhelmed? You just feel like you can’t do both anymore. Your job is your main source of income so you obviously choose that one. STOP! You can do it all. Simply hang things in your cube/office that remind you of your blog and run to the work restroom for 5 minute Instagram sessions. Doing it all can be stressful and maybe your 20 page views a day doesn’t feel worth it. I promise you, those page views increase as you build your audience and it will be all worth it. Just remember, don’t give up and keep your head up because when you look back you’ll realize how worth it it is and you will be proud!

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