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Pretty, chic, fun, sassy and flirty…For the style-conscious fashionista who loves to wear things that make her look and feel fabulous, Bliss Tulle is designed for you. Christine, Founder of Bliss Tulle, has always been known to be the fashionista and the go to for style and fashion advice. Whether she is reading fashion magazines, keeping up with the trends and blogs, or just admiring the gorgeous looks on the runway, Christine knew she must follow her passion. While being a stay at home mom to a precious little girl, she still finds time to immerse herself in all things fashionable and beautiful.
While her daughter finds joy dancing and prancing around in tutus, Christine thought to herself, even as an adult, who wouldn’t want to play a little dress up? In July 2014, Christine chose to pursue her passion and Bliss Tulle was born. With less than five months of her store being open, Bliss Tulle has experienced a significant amount of enthusiasm and interest. Fashion bloggers such as Lauren Ashley Patao of The Fashionista’s Diary have been seen wearing the gorgeous Bliss Tulle skirts, as well as Stephanie Danielle of The City Blonde.


She answered quite simply, “They make me feel like a princess ballerina and they make me feel so pretty!”


The chic and modern look of Bliss Tulle skirts allow them to be styled in many different ways and are versatile enough to wear for virtually any occasion. A Bliss Tulle skirt is certain to become a staple piece in your closet. They also offer custom options for their lovely customers who are looking for something a little more unique. And did we mention that all of skirts are handcrafted with love in the USA? Whatever the event or occasion, you will feel lovely and beautiful wearing your Bliss Tulle skirt. Want to take your wardrobe to new heights of fabulousness? Treat yourself to a Bliss Tulle skirt!

I love that Bliss Tulle has become my creative outlet and something that I find so enjoyable and fulfilling. But beyond that, the fact that my pieces help to make a day, event or occasion just a little more special for someone else is truly so rewarding.


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  1. I’ve been in love with Bliss Tulle for so long! I have a couple of tulle skirts on my wish list. I love Christine’s story! I’ve tried making a tulle skirt a time or two and it’s not easy. She puts so much love and hardwork into her pieces. Thanks for sharing.

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