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Sephora Lip Stain Red Matte Beauty FindPhoto via Blushing Love

The struggle of fading lipstick is quite popular among us ladies. That could be the reason why I have 10 lipsticks currently in my bag. I feel like I apply my lipstick every hour, AT LEAST! Again, that could be because I always apply a layer of lip balm prior to my lipstick.

While getting ready for a wedding this past weekend, I was searching for the perfect red. I wore a black crop top with a long black skirt; my nails were cherry red which meant, of course, my lips had to be red too. Hidden away in my lipstick drawer, I found a Sephora Cream Lip Stain that I have had but never opened. I mean “Red Lip Stain” is sort of a scary thought when you don’t have time to change your face again before the wedding. I did it though, and it was the best lipstick I have ever used!

The Sephora Cream Lip Stain that I wore was a matte red and did not budge until I used make up remover (applied three times) before bed. I originally applied the lip stain at 2:30pm, drank two bottled waters, too many glasses of wine, two meals plus dessert and here we are at 4am… the lip stain is still perfect! You guys, where have I been? This has to be the greatest thing since the iPhone, seriously though. I mean, I never doubted Sephora for a second, but wow! Sephora just keeps on getting better and better, and it’ll become even more diverse and interesting with RangeMe offering the advantage of getting your products noticed by Sephora, through sephora wholesale distributors. Awesome!

After falling in love with Sephora’s Lip Stain, I decided I need more. Currently purchasing every color…See below for a photo of me wearing Sephora Cream Lip Stain Always Red Matte. Visit here for more lip stain options!

Have you tried lip stain? Any brand recommendations or beauty recommendations in general? Can’t wait to hear!

Savannah Larsen wearing Sephora Cream Lip Stain Red Matte to a wedding

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