August #TheBlogIssue Favorites


We are so excited to share our top 10 favorite #TheBlogIssue’s with you for August! It was such a tough decision and the colorful summer photos still have us dreamy! Visit our Instagram & make sure to tag #TheBlogIssue on your photos!


Just following directions is all???

A photo posted by Social + Chic Design Studio (@socialandchic_) on



I think a pretty ice cream cone wrapper makes it tastes even better! ??? …free pattern details on my blog… A photo posted by Brandie @ HomeCookingMemories (@homecookmemory) on


time stands still in moments that look suspiciously like ordinary life ✌?️ #sunsetporn

A photo posted by Kait Hanson (@bykaithanson) on



cutest ☕️ set up. #dearyoufrombre A photo posted by вreana newтon (@dearyoufrombre) on




When in Paris…. | I would love to “do as the Parisians do” and represent @mapleviewcentre as your next #mapleviewmuse! #museparis A photo posted by Amanda at {LATEST WRINKLE} (@amandamonty) on


PCH | California ? Eatin’ crab out in Malibu at Nobu ? #StyleGB

A photo posted by Genie Patra (@gallivantingbean) on



Do you ever get so intimidated by a project you just stop everything you’re doing + crawl into bed at 7:42pm? Asking for a friend. A photo posted by Carli Noel Brezinka (@candidlycarli) on

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