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At The Blog Issue, we LOVE Suja Juice! When we had the opportunity to interview the gorgeous Annie Lawless, we were so excited to hear her secrets on health and entrepreneurship. Annie Lawless is the co-founder of Suja Juice, you know that juice that is at Target and practically every grocery store. She is also author of a brand new book that we are so excited to share with you and to top it, she manages to bring health and fitness into her busy life. Get ready, because you’re going to love her!

Annie Lawless

As Co-Founder of Suja Juice, tell us what inspires and motivates you each day?

Annie Lawless: My own personal health journey! I’ve seen such a transformation in my own life through nutrition and understanding the power of consuming pure, whole, unprocessed foods. Seeing the direct correlation between what you put in your body and how you look and feel firsthand is extremely motivating to me and inspires me to share this information and nutrition with others so they can reap the same benefits I have. This is the same reason so many people use products like the pancreas cleanse formulas intended to maintain healthy blood pressure levels and eyes.

What are some of your favorite benefits of juicing?

AL: Juicing fruits and vegetables is a highly effective way to flood the body with vital nutrients in their purest form, including important vitamins, minerals, and digestive enzymes your body needs to function optimally. This is because juice contains very little fiber. The process of juicing separates the juice from the fiber of the plant, leaving behind the structural matter (pulp) that can inhibit the absorption of valuable nutrients by the body. When you drink pure juice, your body quickly and easily absorbs all of the nutrition from the food you’re consuming and assimilates the vitamins, minerals, enzymes, phytochemicals and rich chlorophyll throughout your body with little to zero digestive labor.

What are the beauty benefits of juicing? We have heard it helps improve your skin and hair?

AL: I am a big believer that beauty starts inside the body. You can slather as many creams and makeup on your face as you want, but if your skin is terrible, there’s only so much they can do. The skin is the body’s largest elimination organ so when you eat foods filled with things the body can’t digest properly, it will eliminate them through your skin. Many people suffer from skin issues that are caused by food sensitivities, digestive issues, or chemicals. Addressing those issues by giving your body the hydration, nutrients, vitamins, minerals, phytochemicals, and antioxidants it needs to feel and look its best while removing irritating and processed foods from the diet will make such a difference in your skin.

How often do you recommend we juice?

AL: Everyday! I try to incorporate 2-3 juices every single day to keep my immunity and energy levels high. I think of juice as a multivitamin because it’s packed with so many valuable vitamins, minerals, enzymes, antioxidants, and phytochemicals that are difficult to get from a single salad because you’d have to chew through pounds of food to get the same volume of nutrition. Over the time I’ve been eating healthy, I’ve learned that nutrition for getting healthy is so important, so I try and get all the nutrients that I can! Drinking juice is a great way for me to do this. Juices are also very easily digestible so your body doesn’t have to work to access all of the concentrated goodness. My favorite way to drink them is to replace snacks with juices. I rarely eat between meals anymore because I reach for juice and that keeps me satiated and energized all day.

Tell us, what is your favorite Suja Juice flavor?

AL: I have two favorites – Twelve Essentials and Lemon Love! Twelve Essentials is our greenest green with no fruit – just 10 different greens plus lemon and ginger. I love it because it’s earthy, grassy, and refreshing. Lemon Love is our sugar-free spicy lemonade sweetened with stevia. I love it because it’s more interesting than water when I’m trying to stay hydrated and gives me a little pick me up in the afternoon from cayenne.

The best advice I can give is the best advice I’ve ever received

Annie Lawless

As an entrepreneur, what is the most important advice you can give to our fellow entrepreneurs and bloggers?

AL: The best advice I can give is the best advice I’ve ever received. That is to always play in the game of life. You can’t win and you’re not growing if you’re sitting on the sidelines. Sure, you could lose or fall down, but at least you learned something to play better next time and got to participate and have some fun. I think about that everyday when I’m contemplating taking a risk or trying something new. Playing in the game has led to a lot of rewarding wins I may have never experienced had I not tried. Remembering to play in the game has pushed me forward in many situations that I may have hung back and I’m so glad I didn’t. I wouldn’t blame anyone for starting out with a franchise, as this is an easier way of getting used to running a business. You could build a ninja warrior gym franchise in dallas for example, and learn the ropes without having to take so many risks, then move on to starting your own business from scratch if you wanted to.

Suja Juice can be purchased in so many stores, matter of fact, I just brought a Suja Juice from Target the other day! Tell us the feeling when you see your very own Suja Juice in grocery stores or Target? It must be so exciting!

AL: It really is SO exciting! To see major national retailers like Target recognize the value of bringing organic, non-GMO, transparent products to the masses is incredible. It symbolizes a big shift that’s begun to occur in the food industry and what consumers are desiring. Organic juices are no longer only accessible to shoppers in natural food stores or specific demographics. Everyone wants to be healthy and people are educating themselves more and more on how processed and unhealthy so many food products on the shelves really are and demanding something better.

You have done such a wonderful job marketing yourself and Suja Juice on Instagram. Do you have any recommendations?

AL: Thank you! My biggest advice is be authentic! Don’t be afraid to post funny photos or share parts of your life or day. I find people respond much better to realness than overly edited and calculated posts. I also feel that sharing myself in an organic and real way has made it more fun for me because I’ve connected with my audience beyond a superficial level.

Annie Lawless

Tell us about your new book, The Suja Juice Solution. We are so excited to order one of our own!

AL: I’m SO excited about this project! Juice cleansing has become such a popular thing, but it doesn’t really teach people HOW to eat when they finish cleansing. A person comes to a juice cleanse because they’re unhappy with their eating habits and want to quickly make it all better, but when they finish, they will return to eating the same way they were eating that made them feel the need to “cleanse” in the first place. I wanted a lifestyle based approach that would be more sustainable than a juice cleanse and actually provide people with the tools to be healthy and make smart choices in their everyday lives for the long term. The book is a 28 day lifestyle and wellness guide with 75 original recipes to teach people which foods are best for their bodies, what proper portions look like, how to eat well in restaurants and while traveling, and how to cook a few simple and easy staple meals any day or night of the week. All the while incorporating three juices each day to help supercharge nutrition and curb cravings.

You can purchase Annie’s book here!

About Annie

In addition to being the co-founder of Suja Juice, Annie is the creator of Blawnde is an online editorial destination where fashion and beauty meet nutrition and wellness. This site is a well-rounded combination of style, food, travel, career inspiration, and health for anyone who believes in self-improvement and living the best life possible. Annie shares personal musings and daily discoveries about whatever happens to be going on in her life, what she’s wearing, eating, thinking, and doing and has created a very real, personal dialogue with her readers that makes her space unique.

You can find Annie on Instagram @annielawless_

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