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Celina Jimenez is a journalism & business entrepreneurship student at Arizona State University. She is passionate about culture, style, and writing. She loves creating features and articles to reflect The Blog Issue’s mission.

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“When I started Accessory Jane, I started it as a hopeful side business and had no idea it would grow into a full time business with actual employees.”

-Liz Larsen

Accessory Jane runs on the belief that “friends don’t let friends leave the house without accessories”. This statement speaks very well to the business as a whole. AJ not only provides beautiful accessories for the everyday woman, but creates a vibrant, creative community. Customers can browse the site’s beautiful array of necklaces, bracelets, rings, and scarves or read Liz’s blog, which combines stylish insights with positive life lessons.


Though Accessory Jane is barely two years old, it has already seen abundant growth and success. Customers can shop anytime, anywhere through their website, or can join Liz and the team every Wednesday night on their Facebook page for their fixed price auctions.

The truth is there is no ‘typical’ day in my job, and I love it! Every day brings a new set of obstacles and adventures.


Even in the midst of her busy, dynamic days, Liz maintains a positive, hardworking mindset that is clearly reflected in her work. She is passionate about connecting with other women and encouraging them to be bold in their professional and personal pursuits.



“And of course 100%, all the time accessorize, accessorize, accessorize!”

-Liz Larsen




In terms of her personal style, she is all about combining classic staples with statement pieces. Her favorite stores include J. Crew, Anthropologie, Nordstrom, and H&M. Through every fashion statement she makes, it is easy to see why Accessory Jane has become the success it is today.

It takes courage to fight the fears of failure, it takes drive to constantly challenge yourself to grow, it takes humility to admit your shortcomings and learn how you can improve, and it takes lots and lots of faith to trust God with the outcome after you have given it your all! That challenge has made me become a better person.


The Blog Issue has been fortunate to get to know Liz over the past four months. Her passion for Accessory Jane is one that makes us smile each day. Liz recently revealed Accessory Jane’s online collection where you can shop her entire collection of jewelry and accessories here.


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