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Glasses can become something we have to wear at any time of life, for example, you might need to wear Glasses After Cataract Surgery which you didn’t plan for.
For some girls, emphasizing their eyes, wearing glasses represents a real catastrophe. On the other hand, there are those girls that hate putting the makeup on and thus, using this amazing opportunity of wearing glasses to go out without any makeup on their faces. However, either you belong to the first or second type of girls, you need to know that you are wrong. Firstly, specs don’t replace your makeup and its lack is more than visible. Secondly, there are numerous amazing ways to combine your makeup with your favorite frames.

Whether you have just found out that you will need to wear specs or you wear them for your entire life, you shouldn’t be worried. There are many great solutions that will help you wear your makeup with glasses.

Choose nurturing and creamy concealer

Let’s start with your complexion. Every woman needs to choose a light foundation appropriate to her skin type and color. Such products hide the irregularities on your skin, such as acne or wrinkles. Since you wear glasses, you should take special care of the area around your eyes for your specs will draw attention to them. For such purposes, a quality and full-coverage concealer will serve the purpose. It will successfully hide all irregularities, such as dark circles or redness around your eyes.

Blot your foundation

If you have a problem of your foundation coming off on your glasses, don’t worry. You should simply run a moisten makeup sponge over the bridge of your nose and on your cheeks and the problem will be solved. If you get really stuck you could google ‘how to clean glasses‘ and you might be able to find some other good tips!

When it comes to appropriate skin care, you should always choose light nourishing products that will make you feel wonderful and comfortable. A quality foundation can hide your skin irregularities, moisturize your skin and even contribute to facial rejuvenation.

Coordinate your eyeliner with your frames

Eyeliner has been a must-have product for almost every woman. It shapes our eyes, emphasizing or even changing their form. If you wear glasses, eyeliner will help you to achieve stylish yet natural looks. Since glasses can hide the shape of your eyes, you can use eyeliner to emphasize them. For example, using black eyeliner, you can easily create chick and sexy cat eye makeup, which is amazing for every occasion. If the frames of your specks are thick, you should draw bolder lines in order to make them more effective.

When it comes to putting the eyeliner on, there are numerous amazing ways for you to do that. This process can be interesting and it provides you with a lot of creative ideas. One of them is making a balance between the color of your frame and eyeliner. For example, if you have white frames, you can break the monotony by using purple or turquoise eyeliner.

Natural eyeshadows

No matter how much you love wild and intensive colors such as orange, black or purple, you should avoid them especially if your glasses magnify your eyes. In such cases, instead of creating a smokey eye effect, you will achieve a completely opposite, raccoon-like effect.

That is why you should go for some more natural and light shades, such as brown, gold, silver or rose. When combined with eyeliner, they would look really effective.

Groom your eyebrows

Eyebrows represent one of the most important features of our face. They frame our face and help us leave a certain impression at the person we are talking to. Since they play such an immense role, they need to be carefully maintained and groomed even if you wear glasses. If you think that specs will hide your untrimmed brows, you are terribly wrong.

Groom your eyebrows in accordance to the shape of your eyes and face. Remember, too thin or too thick eyebrows will always look ridiculous. If the need arises, you can always define your eyebrows with an eyebrow pencil or go to a salon and get them shaped and waxed. If you want to maintain the fullness and shape of them for longer, you could consider microblading (dependant on where you are in the world, you could see what options for Microblading London has available), which is a semi-permanent treatment. You can get this professionally done and then maintain them yourself by getting Girlz Ink microblading supplies online.

Combine your frames with bold lipstick

Since your eyeshadow should remain as natural as possible, you could make your look more dramatic and chic through your lipstick. Use intensive colors such as purple or classical red nuances in order to achieve such effect. Such colors are great for both grabbing coffee with your friends and a classy cocktail party. Finally, if you don’t love combining lipsticks with causal outfits, you can always go for a delicate and chick lip gloss, which will visually make your lips fuller.

As you could see, wearing glasses can be very effective and creative if you learn how to combine them perfectly with the rest of you outfit. With the appropriate makeup and rules of its applying, you will simply love to wear it with your glasses. More importantly, you will feel confident and sexy and others will notice that.

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